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Presenting to you one of our most top performing games.

The casino category is one of the best categories to develop a game for. Reason why? It renders excellent earnings even with less number of downloads.

We have had our share of excellent earnings with this project and wish for you to attain the same success with this one!


1) High ECPM

2) A Game changer in terms of earnings

3) High Quality code

4) Made in Unity software and can be ported to Android, Amazon and any store Unity supports, The code works well with Unity 4.5 to 4.6 versions

5) Made using C# coding

6) Can be enhanced easily

7) Has 4 Micro Games

8) Has a high retention rate

9) A source code necessary for creating your own App empire.

10) Facebook Share function on wins

11) Coins In App Purchases Bundles  

12) Level Based 

13) Graphics are watermarked. 



The documentation is included with project to ease out the process of reskin.

Customer Reviews
Drew Richardson
“decent code ”
Very decent code not much of errors in it.
Chanel Dotson
“problems ”
faced many issues while launching it on Android
Jerod Kelley
“applause for support ”
Developer has been very good in providing his support because the plugins had to be updated to take out iOS build but the replies received were quick and to the point.
Justice Hughes
“Excellent support ”
excellent support from these guys, was having a few issues with the code and they sorted it out very quickly for me
“Go for it ”
Code is very good , almost free from any kind of bugs, changing graphics was one of the easiest task to be performed in this project :)
Layne Valencia
“Code is effective ”
Code is good and effective, works very well. developer keeps on providing his support from time to time that helped me do changes in the game
“high price but good code”
Was easy to use, but I thought the price was high.
Salman Bhatt
“simple project that works”
Its a good simple source code for slots game. Got some good number of internal games too in it. The developer also helped me on how to setup additional rooms with downloadable content from my server. Good music with the game too.

Ethan Reed
“Works well ”
error free, easy to enhanced.
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  • hi, i have purchased this game template. The problem is that has compiling errors and i can not open to test it, this is happening on all unity that i have instaled: 4.7 5.22 5.38 5.52 5.6 - i can not open the game. Also the package contain only Hit Coins IOS . Please adviceJun 1 2017 11:51 PM

    could you please help?Jun 2 2017 10:34 AM

    Hi, Please check your email. We have sent you an email regarding the same.Jun 2 2017 10:59 AM

    hi, thanks for your response. I'm waiting the email response, send me also the best unity version that you recomand for this assetsJun 4 2017 12:17 PM

  • Hi, I have bought the script and I tried to run it on Android, but the strangest thing happens. I get the message: "To open this application, insert your device into your Gears VR." Did you let a setting or plug-in related to VR active? Please help me because I can't start the game on Android. Thanks!Apr 18 2017 3:29 PM

    Hi, I have tried to build on both Unity 4.5 and 4.6, but I get different errors like: Error while reading window layout: no main window found UnityEditor.WindowLayout:LoadWindowLayout(String, Boolean) or UnityEngine.BoxCollider2D' does not contain a definition for `offset' and no extension method `offset' of type `UnityEngine.BoxCollider2D' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) Please help!!!Jun 21 2017 1:57 AM

  • Hi, I found in description that app can be launched to android, is you support ability to run it on IOS?Dec 10 2016 4:07 PM

    Yes, it can be done on iOS tooDec 12 2016 7:31 AM

  • Hi, I found in description that app can be launched to android, is you support ability to run it on IOS?Dec 10 2016 4:07 PM

  • 007

    Hello, I have purchased this code but I don't find any ad network integration and even in-app isn't working. Ad network, Analytic objects are just empty. Can you please tell me about ads and why in-app isn't working ? Thank youDec 6 2016 7:06 AM

    Hi, The project does not have ads in it. You will need to integrate it by yourself. We are checking about the in-app purchases and will give you an update in a while. Dec 6 2016 8:54 AM

  • Hi found your game in ps played for 2 hours to try to loose to bring up the shop to purchase goods to no avail. Also no ads appeared at all. Opened all 3 levels and still could see no way to make money please advise Dec 5 2016 7:49 AM

    Hey just waiting on reply of 007 question about in app purchases as could not find any while playing gameDec 7 2016 11:41 AM

  • Jay

    Does the slot itself have wilds and free spins as part of the game .... and what is the game in the app store called so I can find it ... looking to buy today?Nov 5 2016 7:25 PM

  • Hello, I am interested to buy this code. Can use Unity version 5? If available,I will buy.Aug 31 2016 9:08 AM

    Hi, The project is made on unity 5 and works well in it. Thanks Team Game Gorillaz Aug 31 2016 2:41 PM

    Thank you for reply. In description have inapp purchase. I test demo for android have not inapp purchase and link fail for iOS. Are you example for ios?Aug 31 2016 10:55 AM

    Hi, We have added a new updated apk link. Please try that. Thanks Team Game GorillazAug 31 2016 7:25 PM

    Hello, How about update you have said a few day ago? Add ads at project source code for me. I’m wait for your response.Sep 20 2016 12:10 AM

    Hi, Sorry for the Delay Support team is getting in touch with you Thanks, Team Game GorillazSep 20 2016 9:26 AM

  • Does this code both include client & server side? Mar 13 2016 11:30 AM

  • Hey guys, Great Work!! I am interested to buy this code. Just have few questions. 1. Will the code work with Unity 5 as the descriptions indicate unity version 4.5,4.6.. 2. How many graphic assets are required for reskinning ?? Thanks in advance. Feb 28 2016 5:08 AM

    Hi Nick, The slots project is compatible with Unity 4.6 as of now. The number of images that need to be reskinned are more than 50. Thanks Game GorillazFeb 29 2016 7:36 AM

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