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This game is all about how fast and smart you are.Just swipe the arrows in the correct direction and keep moving if you can.

The game has 3 gaming modes : arcade mode, race mode and time attack.


Requirements & Installation

- MacOSX
- Xcode (Latest Version)

Unzip the downloaded file. Run the .xcodeproj file by double clicking on top of it. Xcode will Launch. On the top of the windows select a device: It could be a simulator or your personal iOS device. Press the “Arrow that points to the right” to run the game. All set up now let’s jump to the next section where we will review how to set up Game Center and our Ad Networks.


In Xcode at the left side find a file called GameSettings.h -> It looks like this:  

  1. 1)  Chartboost Accound -> www.chartboost.com

  2. 2)  RevMob Account -> www.revmob.com

  3. 3)  AdMob Account

  4. 4)  Game Center Leaderboard IDs -> iTunes Connect

When all of these are set up fill the red lines.

After filing all of these your game is all set up. 

NOTE: The AD NETWORKS will generate on RANDOM which means: Every time when you went to Main Menu it will take some ad network at random.


Game Settings

Now here we will set some game settings for example in Race Mode you need to finish 30 Arrows as fast as you can. We can change this 30 to 40 for example. Also in Time Mode you have 30 seconds to finish as much arrows as you can. We will also change these 30 seconds to something else. First open XCODE and navigate to PlayView.m which looks like this:


  1. 1)  The first Arrow is for RACE Mode -> Change to whatever value you want. This value is to

    indicate that you need to finish in this case 30 arrows as fast as you can.!

  2. 2)  The second red arrow points to a value for Time Mode. Change to whatever value you want.


1. Ad networks are not showing interstitials what to do ?

- You need to make sure you have an active account. Also make sure you entered the correct IDs corresponding to the one that the official ad provider will give you. Sometimes the ad networks cannot show an interstitial because they don't have resources to load. I recommend to use AdMob it always has interstitials to show. 


2. Game Center is not showing results what to do ?

- Make sure you have an active iTunes Developer Account. Once you have that account you need to log in in iTunes Connect -> Create a new app -> Tap the Game Center button -> Configure the leaderboards -> Get the IDs and pass them into the project. 


Extra Information

The code has a full documentation file with pictures and details.

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