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Defend the planets in this amazing outer space adventure!

In this game you need to tap the screen to increase the speed of your solar system. The goal is to protect your planets from asteroids. The game includes awesome boosts to change the rotation of planets and to make an energy field on your planets. the energy field allows you to attack the asteroid one time.

On background you can see randomly generated stars and comets, and on game scene you have the chance of seeing a rocket.

This game available on AppStore, try it:

Planets defender has nice, flat graphics and cool soundtrack.‚Äč

Watch video preview of the game!

More about game:

Game made with SpriteKit engine on Swift 3 language, and supports all current devices. It's an universal game, you can launch this game on iPad and iPhone.
In code you can find settings for all game process, you can change speed of planets and other.
Code is commented and has nice architecture, you can easily add something new or change some component.


You can show banners, interstitials and video. This game has these frameworks:

- AdMob
- HeyZap
- Chartboost
- More games button in settings scene. (It's helps to player find your other games).


- RateUs, on first screen you have button.
- RateUs message after you lose.
- Share function with screenshot form last moment in game.


- iOS 8.0 or later.

- Xcode 8.2 or later.

To upload your project you need press Project -> Archive and upload it to iTunesConnect. Also you need to create new app in iTunesConnect.

For reskin you need change images in .xcasets, it's really easy. Just open .xcasets file in project and replace files.


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