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Simple Puzzle Games.  100% coded in Swift SpriteKIt.  No Objective C.

Add your own nine objects to memorize.  Be creative.  You can use emojis.  Or any words or text you want! (morese code. sign language. Prime numbers.  Alphabet.  Chinese characters the possiblities are endless)

Admob 7.8, iAds, In App Purchases for Revenue.
Leaderboards to track score.

All code will immediately compile in iOS 9.X.  

Tutorials Included.

Simple to reskin.  After copy and pasting your Admob ca-app-pub number, IAP and Leaderboard unique identifiers, and adding clues, you can literally be on the App Store and making money in two days.  (Apples new turnaround time for reviewing apps is one day)

Universal Apps.  Specifically sized for iPadPro and iPhone 6.x.

Numerous examples of each app are already approved on the app store.

Game will immediately compile in iOS 9.x no additional expenses required.

The newest Admob framework 7.8 is integrated for revenue generation.

iAds and In App Purchases and Leaders boards as well.

Universal App.  A simple copy and paste of your adMob codes, IAP and Leaderboard unique identifier.  Creation of new clues.  A recompile.  An archive and an upload to iTunes and you will have an app on the store generating revenue in two days.


A tutorial is included.

However, it is very simple to 'reskin'.  You just add your own word search clues, however many you want.

Set up your adMob codes, and unique identifiers, and you will be good to go.

A .pdf tutorial as well as comments in the Xcode GameScene.swift and GameViewController.swift are included.  


Extra Information


I can't emphasize this enough.

The code will instantly compile in iOS 9.X and after your changes you can easily archive the app and send it to iTunes.



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