Extreme Land RoverCraft Race - IOS Project

Drive this Land Rover through rough terrain and past rocks, sink holes, mountains, hills, crates and other crazy obstacles
You must explore other worlds using the various rovers at your disposal. Be careful though,as you jump, flip, and even shoot through obstacles, not every world is uninhabited. Each rover has its own strengths and weaknesses. And each world is a unique driving experience with its own laws of physics and has its own pitfalls....

***How To Play***
Keep your rover on its wheels, and avoid falling.
Use your jump-jets to give an extra vertical-boost.
Some rovers have guns, use your guns to eliminate rocks and aliens in your way. 
Your jump-jets only hold one jump of power. Perform a flip to recharge them.
Avoid landing too hard or ramming objects.
If your shocks bottom-out, your rover will be destroyed.

***Controls (Mobile):***
- Left Button : Backup
- Right Button : Move Forward
- Rotate Device Left (Accelerometer): Lean Back
- Rotate Device Right (Accelerometer) : Lean Forward
- Jets Button : Jump Jets
- Shoot Button : Shoot

- Training Rover: Slow to drive. This rover has no guns and modest jump jets. Designed for novice operators
- The K.R.A.B.B.: The workhorse of the International Space Fleet. The K.R.A.B.B. is armed with photonic missiles and rocket jump jets. It's much faster and more nimble. You must prove yourself to drive this by earning 1,500 credits.

Take this crazy rider for a crazy run ! Play for free NOW.


-Xcode Project

- 4 different Levels from the galaxy to race on (more to come soon), 
- 2 different modes, Easy, Hard
- Stunning HD graphics from all the Worlds 
- Advanced realistic physics engine 
- Nice Sound Effects
- Free to play and works offline. 

Full Detailed instructions can be found in the documentation file on how to set up and reskin using xcode ;


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