Gangland zombies

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LOCK & LOAD – shoot the most vurnerable pieces of the buildings in order to maximize the damage and see the whole thing fall down and take the zombies out!

All of the sudden, tiny zombies are starting to popup in Gangland hills and they are building fortress and road blocks all over the city,
You need to take them all down and eliminate the tiny zombies before they take over the world with their madness.

Awesome arcade shooter game and SUPER easy to reskin and rebuild using Gamesalad drag and drop functions.

You can easilly make a brand new game within a couple hours and re-launch it quickly!


This is why you should buy the code!

3 worlds with a total of 60 levels to play!
* Several ads network, simply put your code – admob, chartboost, revmob, iads
* 100% ready to port to Android, IOS, WEB HTML, Tizen, windows mobile with NO issues

Fun game to play and you can easilly add tons of levels, images, or other cool stuff you want in here!


Downlaod it for free on android and try it out:

Watch it live on appstore:

See our other reskinned versions of this exact same game here:

Built with Gamesalad engine, you need to downlaod gamesalad editor, and basically just change the logo, appicon and add your own ads network and publish, you could do this within ONE hour only.
Read more about the gamesalad engine here:


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