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GameSalad Complete Projects

Developed by GameSalad.Inc , GameSalad primarily focuses at non-programmers for composing games in a drag and drop fashion, using visual editors and a behavior-based logic system and used by consumers and creative professional such as graphic designers, animators as well for developing games. The application allows building apps for both Android and iOS and allows the developer to edit while the game is still running.

GameGorillaz has in its bag complete projects that have been made on GameSalad. And has special preview modes for debugging and performance/memory usage testing. It only requires a viewer application installed separately onto an iPhone to upload games over a wireless network.

GameGorillaz is an open platform for developers who want to develop projects or want to sell their own GameSalad projects at a portal with multitude of game development projects, templates and source codes. Got a Game Salad project to sell or want to develop one? View the multiple choices available, buy and sell your suited complete game project.