Ricocheting Ball - Construct 2 Complete Project

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Keep the ball inside the circle for as long as possible.

A simple but challenging game! There is a ball moving inside a circle and you have to keep the ball inside this circle. The circle has no physical border, so you have to move the platform that you control so the ball hit this platform whenever it reaches the borders and keep the ball moving inside the circle. If you fail to move the platform in time or don’t position it correctly, then the ball will exit the circle and you will lose. Your score is based on the number of times that you were able to ricochet the ball inside the circle. It seems simple, but it will become very hard as you progress.

  • Made in Construct 2
  • Touch mechanics
  • Include Capx File

Using the latest version of Construct 2 is always recommended. 

Open the CAPX project file in Construct 2 and replace the graphics, sounds and project properties.


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