Shadow Maze - Buildbox Game Template

This Template is “READY TO PUBLISH” and it's only available for a limited time - first come first serve!

Welcome to the Shadow Maze!
Go into the darkest Labyrinth and swipe the lights on!

Shadow Maze is a challenging game of skill and reflexes.
Drag your finger left or right to move the light and to avoid the shadow obstacle.
Can you survive in this dark Labyrinth?

❖ Full Template (Included Buildbox-File, Android- and IOS-Code)!
❖ AdMob Banner + Chartboost Interstitial
❖ Universal game resolution (Phone / Tablet)
❖ Unique Gameplay and Sound Effects
❖ Endless Game
❖ Share
❖ Leaderboard
❖ Rate us
❖ Sound Option (on/off)
❖ Character-Selection
❖ Tutorial

you will get this files:
❖ The full Buildbox-Projectfile (BBDOC FILE)
❖ Android Source Code
❖ iOS Source Code
❖ including all Images (png Files)
❖ including all Sound (mp3 Files)
❖ easy step by step Documentation (pdf File)

❖ Buildbox 2.3.6 or Above (only needed to change the gameplay)
❖ XCode / Eclipse ADT Or Android Studio
❖ Java JRE 7 or above

Simply replace all of the provided images with art of your choosing, making sure that the dimensions of the artwork stay the same. You can Reskin the game with or without the BuildBox software!
The attached documentation with your purchase walks you through the reskinning and publishing process, easy step by step (with pictures).


Extra Information


❖ You can use the graphics for free
❖ You can use the music and sound effects for free
❖ This Template is ready to publish

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  • I bought this code and it's not compiling... what do i do to fix this problem . ? Jun 3 2019 10:48 PM

  • I bought the game but the code source is crypted, I can' even add change app name admob etc... I don't have buildbox...May 1 2019 11:00 PM

  • kup

    hi! want to buy this game. with which program do I need to convert it to apk? did you use construct 2?Feb 2 2019 1:45 AM

    The Game is made with Buildbox, but you can build the apk file with eclipse or with the android studio (these softwares are free). It‘s very easy. A step by step documentation is included. ThxFeb 2 2019 3:10 AM

  • demo link ?Dec 17 2018 12:10 PM

    A demo you can see in the youtube video.Feb 2 2019 3:14 AM

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