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Red Bounce Ball is a fun, fast and easy to learn endless runner avoidance style physics game. Use the left and right controls to guide your bouncing ball past mounds of bullets and spikes. The smooth addictive game play and perfect difficulty progression get users hooked from the start and facilitates great retention.

Many hours of programming went into developing this high quality code to make it completely smooth and bug free. The code comes complete with iAd integration and the newest SDK of Chartboost implemented. This is the first time we're selling licenses for this to the public so be quick to capitalize on this new hot source code!

  1. AdMob banner and interstitial
  2. Cool background
  3. Original Sound effects
  4. Original game effects and better
  5. Rate us Button
  6. Build cocos2d-x v3.4
  7. Sharing facebook

How to Setup and Re-skin:

    1. All steps are explained in the tutorial provided with the project step by step instructions. Please read it for more information.
    2. Total game reskin developer and designer need take you not more 1 hours
    3. Replace Advertisements IDs with your own.


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