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  • Overview


    > Poupou Egg Game <

    Enter in the magical world of Poupou the Egg !

    This game will entertain your users for a long time thanks to 9 super mini games !

    •     Breaking the Egg !
    •     Jump in a Doodle Jump style game
    •     Drive the car and prevent the egg from falling and break
    •     A Hot Air balloon game
    •     A Parachute Mini game where you need to avoid obstacles
    •     Flying Egg
    •     Ninja Egg walk on walls !
    •     Egg Adventure
    •     Ski sports !

    Your players will play, you will earn money throught many monetization platforms such as :

    •     AdMob
    •     Heyzap
    •     Chartboost
    •     Facebook
    •     Revmob
    •     Applovin

    Try out the APK now ! ==> https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5CvEbLrE-fJMXpjNzRjOVdxS2s


    Features and Requirements

    To edit the game, you will need a photo editor like Photoshop & Eclipse to make the final APK

    How to Modify the Project

    You will find a full documentation on how to setup and reskin the game in the product files =).

    Feel free to contact me through the comments section or send me a mail if you need further information.


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