Kids Doodle


One of the best painting apps for kids. It has easily selectable colors and patterns in the horizontal scroll bars. You can download APK here:

APK Download Link

Functions & Option

- Choose a color for horizontal scroll bar

- Change Size of brush

- Choose eraser

- Different sizes of eraser

- Save picture

- Choose pattern

- Up to 100 colors in Horizontal list

- 50 easily selectable patterns

Children can spend a lot of time by painting and be using this fun app. 


  •  Java Native source.
  •  Made in eclipse.
  •  Admob smart banner and full-screen ads integrated.
  •  Control Time of full-screen ads
  •  Easily selectable colors for kids in a horizontal list.
  •  Easily selectable patterns in a horizontal list.
  •  Easy customization.
  •  You can easily change Patterns.


  • Full Source Code
  • Graphics
  • .apk
  • .java
  • .xml

You need eclipse to reskin and run the project. Video and PDF are included for the full detail of reskinning.


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