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City Builder – Starter Kit Version (Unity)

Starter Version.

Develop mobile city-building games likeSimpson’s Tapped Out. Reskin with your own game features, menus, art. 100% source code included.NoUnity Pro license needed.

Video Demo

Play the demo app (Complete Version iPhone Demo)

Create a City Building Simulator

Supports both animated sprites and 2D buildings. Demos and source code included. 3D models are not easily supported. We recommend exporting as sprites or 2D graphics. (Sample instructions included in the documentation)

Source files includes examples like:

  • Gold Storage Buildings
  • Gold Generation Mines
  • Liquid Storage Buildings
  • Liquid Generation Units
  • Exclusive purchases (e.g. builder houses)

Additional XML samples for expanding the kit:

  • Competition Menu
  • Characters Menu
  • Building upgrades
  • Friends Menu
  • Specialized buildings like Artifacts

Powerful City Builder Framework

  • Design Your Own Buildings
  • Gems and In-App Purchases (IAP)
  • Gold/Liquid Generators and Storage
  • Expandable with assets

Try the iPhone or Android App Demos (*Complete Kit Version, however the city building aspect is the same as this Starter Kit)

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