City Builder - Starter Kit Version (Unity)

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Starter Version.

Develop mobile city-building games like Simpson's Tapped Out. Reskin with your own game features, menus, art. 100% source code included. No Unity Pro license needed.

Video Demo

Play the demo app (Complete Version iPhone Demo)

Create a City Building Simulator

Supports both animated sprites and 2D buildings. Demos and source code included. 3D models are not easily supported. We recommend exporting as sprites or 2D graphics. (Sample instructions included in the documentation)

Source files includes examples like:

  • Gold Storage Buildings 
  • Gold Generation Mines 
  • Liquid Storage Buildings 
  • Liquid Generation Units 
  • Exclusive purchases (e.g. builder houses)

Additional XML samples for expanding the kit:

  • Competition Menu 
  • Characters Menu 
  • Building upgrades 
  • Friends Menu 
  • Specialized buildings like Artifacts

Powerful City Builder Framework

  • Design Your Own Buildings 
  • Gems and In-App Purchases (IAP) 
  • Gold/Liquid Generators and Storage 
  • Expandable with assets

Try the iPhone or Android App Demos (*Complete Kit Version, however the city building aspect is the same as this Starter Kit)

Question: Is 329 hours of your time worth $99?
Building a mobile city builder game from scratch is no easy task. Here's a side-by-side comparison of each time-consuming feature we did.

Included with this version

Building Items Art (x11 worth 12 hrs per asset) 
Terrain Art (10 hrs) 
Isometric Camera Setup (10 hrs) 
Item XML Data (10 hrs) 
Building Construction Script (10 hrs) 
2D Gameboard Setup/Scripts (50 hrs) 
Camera Improvements (10 hrs) 
Gestures like Drag-and-Drop (5 hrs) 
HUD Art and Scripting (30 hrs) 
Game Store Menu (10 hrs) 
In-App Purchase Menu (10 hrs) 
Currency Generation/Storage (10 hrs) 
Sound Effects (2 hrs) 
Multi-platform Bug Fixes (30 hrs)

Kit: $89 to get all of the above
DIY: $12,173 est. value at $37/hr (329 hr)

Build a prototype within hours, not weeks
Fully customizable game kit designed to run out-of-the-box. Import assets, swap graphics, and deploy on any platform immediately.

Online documentation videos available after purchase


Extra Information


Works with the free version of Unity or Unity Pro

Supports all platforms

  • Android (tested Samsung Galaxy S)
  • iOS (tested iPhone 5, iPad 1, iPod 4)
  • Web Player
  • Desktop PC / Mac Games

Customize Your Own Terrain

Supports every possible theme. Build games with space battle themes like Star Wars, farming simulators like Hay Day or Farmville, or flying island themes like Dragonvale. The 2D tile map is fully editable and expanded with the 2D Toolkit asset


Earn Revenue with In-App Purchases on iOS/Android

Each of our kits comes pre-configured to support any In-App Purchase asset such as Simple IAP or Unibill. Use IAP for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android mobile game development. Make free-to-play freemium games powered by IAP sales on the App Store and Google Play Marketplace. 

You can sell: 

  • Gems to speed up construction or training 
  • Extra gold/liquid to purchase buildings 
  • Additional construction builders 
  • Or add your own in-app purchases  


Gems (Hard $ Currency) 
Used by most mobile free-to-play strategy games. Players can finish constructing their base faster with gems.

Gold (Soft Currency #1) 
The kit supports two soft currencies, for example gold, cash, coins, crystals, or any sort of currency you wish to create.

Liquid (Soft Currency #2) 
The kit supports two currencies, plus gems in your mobile game. Players spend to buy new buildings. 


Extend your mobile strategy game in every way possible

Source Code for Unity 
The mobile game development kit is designed for both Unity and Unity Pro game devs with 4000 lines of C# Unity scripts. The C# scripts are organized by each function in the game, such as the building creator or store menu. 

Online Documentation
All the information you need to create your own mobile game like FarmVille or Simpson's Tapped Out using the Unity game engine. The Unity game development platform also includes an extensive array of documentation and assets.

Documented Source Code
In addition to the online documentation provided, the city builder simulator framework comes fully-documented in every Assembly CSharp script. Plus, the Unity game platform includes many free demos and plenty of online source code examples resources.


Developer FAQ

1. What do I need to run the kit? 
2D Toolkit v2+ and NGUI Pro v3.5+ are required. Unity 5's new uGUI features are not as developed as NGUI or 2D Toolkit to build the entire kit. NGUI v3.5+ is still required. The NGUI free version is <3.5 and will not work. 


2. Does this game kit support attack and defense like Clash of Clans? 
We have another Kit called the Mobile Strategy Game Kit includes attack and defense, plus server side scripts necessary for managing player villages. We will be submitting to Chupamobile in April 2015. 

3. Can I reskin everything in the kit? 
Yes. You'll receive the complete source code after buying. Add/remove your own features and scripts. Nothing is locked in DLLs and you can access all the code needed to create a functional prototype. 

4. What devices does the game run on? 
The kit runs on all devices - Android, Apple iOS phones, PC or Mac, or the Unity web applet. Plus, the game is optimized for mobile with the touch controls


Feedback from Testers

Richard "Levelord" Gray 
I've played with others, but this one is the best! It's definitely more than a mere "start-up" kit as it already has 90% of a game foundation in the kit. It is easy-to-use and intuitively designed. I highly recommend this kit for anyone considering making a city building game! 
Update: In less than a day, I am comfortable with most of the pipelines to add my own buildings and characters (graphics and behaviors/parameters), and I have modified menus, buttons and various GUI interfaces. This is a great kit! 

Ronime Studios 
If you are looking to make a city building game, this is the kit for you. Everything works [straight] out of the box, and I have spent a good amount of time playing around with the default buildings/units. Awesome kit, I can't suggest this enough!


Includes Royalty-Free Building Art

The kit comes preconfigured with demo magic battle theme buildings so you can prototype your reskin even quicker than a puzzle or card game template.

Expand With Unity Assets

Build your own city building game and expand with other Unity assets available for sale here.

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  • hi, Can this be re-skinned to a house environment game where players can add and remove furnitures? Feb 13 2018 7:36 AM

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