Chartboost SDK Integration Unity3D Project

This product conatins Unity3D project file and Chartboost Installation .docx file containing how to integrate chartboost and write script to display interstitial Ads, how to show rewarded videos and More Apps in your game projects. There is a Unity3D project file demonstrating how to integrate chartboost SDK and scripting. Download this product NOW regrading chartboost SDK integration in Unity3D Android & iOS platform based games.

  • Unity3D 5.0.0 or Higher
  • Contains Unity3D project as well as Chartboost Integration .docx file demontrating how to integrate Chartboost SDK and code to show Interstitial Ads,Rewaraded Videos and More Apps section.
  • Call the following functions anywhere in your script to show interstitial Ads, Rewarded Videos and More Apps:
  1. ChartboostScript.DisplayInterstitial()
  2. ChartboostScript.DisplayRewardedVideos()
  3. Chartboost.DisplayMoreApps()
  • Simple and easy integration with this project. 

* Setup and integration instructions are included in this project zip file.

  • Extract project zip file.
  • Zip file contains Chartboost Intructions. docx and CBIntegration.unitypackage.
  • Open Unity3D and import the above mentioned .unitypackage in Unity3D.
  • Follow the Chartboost Integration .docx file in order to integrate Chartboost SDK successfully.


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