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Casino Slots Unity 2D Game Source code

Presenting to you one of our most top performing games.

The casino category is one of the best categories to develop a game for. Reason why? It renders excellent earnings even with less number of downloads.

We have had our share of excellent earnings with this project and wish for you to attain the same success with this one!


1) High ECPM

2) A Game changer in terms of earnings

3) High Quality code

4) Made in Unity software and can be ported to Android, Amazon and any store Unity supports, The code works well with Unity 4.5 to 4.6 versions

5) Made using C# coding

6) Can be enhanced easily

7) Has 4 Micro Games

8) Has a high retention rate

9) A source code necessary for creating your own App empire.

10) Facebook Share function on wins

11) Coins In App Purchases Bundles

12) Level Based

13) Graphics are watermarked.