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Car Unblock – Puzzle App/ Game

Check out this project if you ever wanted to make a short and sweet Puzzle Game.
Puzzle games have a really awesome market, and this source code would allow you to test the waters in this category.

As you can see form the video above, the objective of this game is to make way for the RED car and make it exit the Parking area. Sounds simple enough, but you would need to use a lot of mental effort to move all the other vehicles and elements in the area to make that happen.

Even though this game is a small, but you can bet that your users would spend a lot of time solving these puzzles.



1)Unity:Made in Unity 2D, so this game can be exported to all platforms like Android, IOS, Amazon and all others that Unity supports

The project works well on Unity 5

2)23 Levels:This project has 23 levels. You can always increase the levels of the game if you feel like

3)Interactive home screen:The game has an anhimated screen, to give it a cool intro page.

4)IOS and Android version included:Both versions are included, and all you guys need to do is change the graphics

5)Easy to Reskin:The game is made in 2D, and you can easily change the graphics to whatever you prefer. Themes are endless in such games

6)Share on FB, and FB Like

7)Game Refresh button:While playing the game you have the option to completely refresh a level

8)Move Revert button:Made a wrong move? Simply use the revert move button to move the element to previous button

9)Moves counter:Tells the player how many moves has he made to clear a level

10)Star rating:More the moves, less the stars. Lower the moves, more the stars

11)The Sly Rating system:We’ve put our famous rating system in the game. When the user clicks on the Rate Game button, he is shown a pop up. These pop ups has what we call a star selection selection screen. If the user choose 3+ stars to the game, he would be directed to the Play Store to leave a review. If he chooses less than 3 stars, he is given a “CONTACT” option to email the developer. Works like a chart and keeps those low ratings at bay.