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Car Parking Simulator Game Complete Project

Hope all are doing great.. We have for you today a really cool project that we have had a good amount of success with.

Parking and Simulator games always do well in both Apple and Google Play.. Last year we wanted to try out this market by creating a small project for car parking..At that time we were just testing waters in simulation games.

Result: 3 games made with the same project = Over 1 million downloads in Google Play + Apple Store.

Trust me when we say this, that the market potential of such games is huge..and if your theme/ concept is great – it’s always a win win.

Now that we understood the market of simulations games well, the conclusion was simple:

1) High number of downloads

2) Excellent for cross promotion

3) Level based games allow you to keep higher user retention and more opportunities for ad placements.

4) Upgrades your portfolio quality with such high quality games.

This led us to improve the current code and make it more user friendly and higher quality.
That’s when we developed Tiny Town Car Parking..


Features of Project:

1.     Made in Unity 3D. Coded in C#. Universal and Cross Platform. Upload on all stores that Unity Supports.

2.     Total 33 Levels

3.     Multiple Seasons like Rain, Sunny, Winter Snow etc

4.     3-4 Vehicles

5.     2 types of driving methods. Steering wheel and tilt function

6.    Multiple Camera angles

7.    Many IAP’s such as steering colors, weather control…etc.. more info below..

8.   Chartboost and Vungle Integrated

9.   Easy to change graphics and theme

10. Complete documentation included

11.  FB Page like feature

12.  Review game links

13.  Remove Ads

14.  iOS 64 bit support

15.  Compatible with Unity 4.5 and Unity 4.6



Multiple Seasons: It was important for us to give players a good enjoyable game play. We thought a cool idea not many people were doing was to give different weather conditions. You will find seasons like winter (snow falling), Rainy, Sunny.. Gives your game a good design advantage.

Multiple Vehicles: Buses, Vans, Sports Cars, Small Cars

Two types of Driving Methods: Since a lot of games already have steering control, people are used to them more. However Tilt control gives an easy way to control the vehicles and we personally prefer that.

Ad networks: We have currently used Chartboost and Vungle. Vungle ads come up after every 5 times, and CB after maybe 2. There are plenty of ways you can showcase advertising in the game.



You can have player unlock any level even without completing the previous level, by asking them to view a Vungle Ad. This could work really well, and we are thinking of putting this functionality soon in our games as well.


Easy to change graphics and theme: You can make this parking game to anything you feel like… If you wish to show a rover on Mars, it should be a piece of cake.




Graphics: Graphics are watermarked

Complete coded project

Complete tutorials for the project

PSD files for all levels.