Faq For Buyers

1. What will I get after I purchase a complete project?

- Buying a complete project from GameGorillaz gives you first the full source code of the project.

 - A complete documentation attached along makes it easier for you to further modify the project.

- The graphics available in the project are watermarked. Buyers will receive lifetime access to updates for free.

- Full technical support from the Game Gorillaz team.


2. Can I use the Complete Projects multiple times?

The projects on GameGorillaz allow purchase through different licenses. Buying the Single License allows you to upload the reskinned and modified version once on the stores, but the multiple license allows you to reskin the project multiple times and upload on the stores multiple times.However you will need to buy your own license for plugin.


3. What will I get if I purchase 2D Art, 3D Models, Textures, Particle Effects ?

Buying 2D Art, 3D Models, Textures and Particle Effects comes in a package with source files of the art and may also include a documentation containing all the requisite information on editing of the assets. You could buy the assets with a single license for one time use, or an extended license for multiple uses. 


4. How can I launch my own game?

After having bought a complete game project launching your own game isn’t a long call. With the complete project, you get the complete source code of it with all the requisite documentation. Having done this, half a milestone is already achieved. As a developer, the processing of the idea is easier, but in the design aspect, there is a hairpin haul here. As per GameGorillaz’s Terms and Conditions and License Agreements, the projects have to be reskinned before launch. So therefore, to launch a game, you need to do either of the following:

  • Reskin the project yourself
  • Hire a professional that provides reskin services.

Give the project an ASO treatment with professional services provided GameGorillaz.  

When done with all of this, your project is all set for a launch at the stores.


 5. What if I need to Quick Launch a project?

Visit the Quick Launch Game Templates section here and buy the ready to upload game templates of high grossing games. You just focus on the marketing, promotional activities and GameGorillaz will do the job of publishing the project on app stores.