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Bowling Game Template – Unity 3D game template

Bowling Game Template is an Unity 3D game project optimized for Android, iOS & WebGL. Simple, easy to play and addictive game where user will swipe on screen to throw bowling ball and knock down pins to get the best score, like in real bowling game. There are 2 gameplays modes: One-to-One and Single Player. In One-to-One gameplay user will compete with computer (AI) player on different scenes and will win star points and in game cash. In Single Player mode the player have 10 turns per gameplay and here the player has to overcome his performance.

Here, by default are 3 demo scenes, but you can add more scenes and bowling balls or pins to impress users.

This project is a complete game template and cross platform and you can just reskin and publish your game on different marketplaces for iOS, Android or/and WebGL.



Basketball Game template is cross platform optimized, so you can publish the game for AndroidiOS & Web. For Windows Phone has not been tested, but should to work.

  • Monetized with AdMob Interstitial & Rewarded Video Ads
  • Facebook Share, Friends Inviter and Connect
  • One-to-One & Single Player gameplay modes
  • Free Cash Bonuses system
  • Shopping system (with in game cash, not IAP)
  • User statistic & settings
  • More Games url opener (for promote your other games or advertiser link)
  • Clean & easy to understand source code


  • Unity 3D 5.5 or higher (Pro or Free)
  • Reskining & Unity Skills