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Service Detail

Boom Mushroom Dwarf Android Native Game Source Code

Version is similar to Boom game. If you were familiar with the Boom on PC, this would be the mobile version. The whole characters and images are refreshed with unique chibi art style, built from the “fruits, farm products” extremely fun. The game comes with easy controls “Touch – claw” to move, “Click” to set boomdestroy – destroy the enemy. Rich tasks set out in each table you will find both familiar and marvelous. Besides the game is easy upgrade to version online. (League games played per room).

Demo game: Boom Mushroom Dwarf


  • 50 unique table games
  • 20 attractive achievements featured ranking
  • 6 cute chibi characters
  • 6 Tools support for table games
  • attractive Item vip
  • Connecting to get Free Gold