Zura Barisashvili, is a young 3D Artist and Game Animator with a keen eye to detail. GameGorillaz got in conversation with him and here’s what happened.

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  • Greetings Zura! Tell our readers something about yourself. What makes you different from the other designers on board?

I’m an 18 year old, living in Georgia/Europe. I’m currently at the “StormBringer Studios.” Why I would consider myself from the other designers in the way that I’m putting all of myself into my work. Each project that I work on, I try to make it perfect. Like ART.

  • At a mere age of 18, you have been able to develop such high 3D models and assets. What has been the driving force to keep you going?

My motivation was my passion and love for video games

  • Are you working with a gaming studio?

Yeah and I’m also studying there.

  • So you’re a designer and a student! What are you studying?

I’m studying 3D design for games and a little bit of shaders and animation.

  • What pulled you into this genre of technology?

I remember when I was 5 years old and for the first time I saw a T.V program called “How it’s made”. They had an episode about video games. Since then, I’ve had a fiery passion and motivation to make video games and be a part of this far flexed industry.

  • How long have you been working into designing? Do you work on this full time or part time?

I have been working into designing a little bit under 3 years now but for most of the time, I was practicing it by myself but not often! Actively, I’ve been designing for 8 months full time.

  • What have been the challenges that you faced on your trail across the platform?

I think the biggest challenge one has to face is to-
1. Not be lazy on something that you are working for and
2. To sacrifice some stuff on the way to achieve your goal

  • Your works that we observed pour of your keen interest in a medieval kind of designing. What draws your interest into this?

Get it here: http://www.gamegorillaz.com/stump-3d-model

As a Designer, the medieval times interest me a lot because of the captivating outlook and various shapes. Such designing also gives me the freedom to work on my projects with fewer restrictions and less restrictions means I can put all of my imagination into my work.

  • What is the kind of software/tools you use?

Personally, I prefer using Autodesk Maya, ZBrush, MudBox, Photoshop, UV-Layout, Quixel Suite, Crazy Bump, Unity and X-Normal.

  • What are your modeling types? Organic or inorganic?

I haven’t kept my boundaries limited. I’m trying to create all types of modeling, texturing and sculpting.

  • As a gamer, what do you prefer- playing on Mobile, Xbox or PC gaming?

I’m more into PC gaming but I’ve never had any problems or issues playing them on consoles or mobile devices.

  • What is your most inspirational dream project? Your most accomplished project/s?

There have been a few projects that are truly inspiring! The “Assassin’s Creed” series, “League of Legends” and “Darksiders” series.
The most accomplished project that I have worked on is a game for mobile devices that just released called “Pixel Fury”!

  • What is your take on the future of gaming and technology?

Game development is one of the fastest growing and evolving industries yet, so in future I’m expecting games to be as real as real life and to be able to make us literally become a part of the game and the game world, they may even give us the possibility to feel what our characters feel and translate to us the smell of their environment. With Virtual Reality, we’re already close enough!

  • Out of the multiple platforms available, why did you pick on GameGorillaz?

GameGorillaz offers you some amazing stuff: the weekly payment methodology, 80% earnings for Vendors on each sale and Featured Product Promotions across multiple platforms.

  • What are the other things you like to do, apart from being a techno-savvy?

A huge part of my life is video games! So if I have any free time when I’m not doing anything and want to have some fun and relax I play games.

  • If you had to tip a newbie, what would be your suggestion to them?

Set goals for yourself, work hard at it, and don’t be afraid to sacrifice something because at the end it’s all worth it!

  • Are you currently working on some project that we should look up to?

Yeah, sure. It’s a modular system of a kind of post-apocalyptic sci-fi city. I’m planning for it to have about 50 models or less. I have planned it out on paper for myself and drawn all of them.

  • Where do you see yourself in the next 5 or 10 years?

I want to have my own small indie game company with a few of my friends from work. I’m also looking forward to my girlfriend living with me when regular payments begin. 😀

  • Alright! One last question.. The answer I’m sure I know. But just cross-checking, any project or game that you wish was yours?

Yes sure! I really really wish the Assassins Creed series and Darksiders series were mine and that I could direct them. It would be awesome to also make Darksiders 3 which probably will never come out now!!

Here’s some of his works:

zura-barisashvili-5    zura-barisashvili-chainsaw-1 zura-barisashvili-screenshot003    zura-barisashvili-screenshot012

Zura is an 18 year old, and has shown humongous potential to soon be one among the known names in the industry! Check out some of his assets here on the store!

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