BuildBox has been a weapon of choice for most Game Developers today. As quick as working on the engine is, most games made on the platform do great at the stores with them being the top grosser in earnings as well. Dusan, and his partner work in different spheres to bring out the best of their works for all age groups. A lot of their projects have done well in terms of sales, and so this week, here’s a short convo between us and them.

Dusan's-InterviewWhat they experienced at GameGorillaz, makes us happy too.

  1. How long have you been in the Game Development industry? What drew you this particular genre of technology?

With the App Business, we have been associated since 2011 in a couple of stages:

  • 2011: Making simple Apps (Calculator, Tips Calculator) learning hard code for first time.
  • 2012: Switching between different App Maker platforms and finding the one that best suited our needs.
  • 2013: Introduced to SeattleCloud and started making Apps for other businesses (Portfolio Apps, Restaurants Apps, Bar Apps, and Company Apps) which was simply comparing to previous App development. We just added some text in the fields and we were ready to go. No coding at all.
  • 2014: Going into Game Apps with Unity3D, Xcode, GameSalad, going back to coding experience and learning new coding language for making games available to all major App Stores.
  • 2015: Introduced to BuildBox Game engine and continuously building Game Apps from that time on this Game Engine Builder. Again going back to no coding at all, excellent features of this Game Engine, where we could put more focus on Game concept.

For us, a driving force in this kind of business was that it is already everywhere around us, and everyone has one or more devices with them all day long. This kind of business does not require any big upcoming investment, and can be easily learned along the way.

  1. From when you started to where you are today, how much growth do you observe in yourself and your portfolio?

Coding – From the time when we started, our growth in the coding experience until now is tremendous, but we are still learning every single day to improve the skills in areas that we still can, and there are indeed many.

The App Business– This is a fast train ride, when you jump on there are so many opportunities that you cannot put yourself in every single one. Start small with only one.

From our humble beginning until now, at the time that we are saying this, we have experienced outstanding growth in every aspect of the app business ranging from coding to partnership, sales to getting to know other successful developers and developer studios across the globe. We’ve built a network in all channels accessible.

  1. As it may be looked at, some perceive game development to be a cakewalk, while others, a crossroad of fixtures. How has the journey been for you? What sort of challenges did you face, in any?

Of course, every single day we are faced with new challenges, making a new game App or Business app, or our business model. This, in our opinion, is just one more way to improve our skills and ourselves and bring them to another level.

Most of the time, this is an exciting journey but sometimes stressful, if we make something that needs to be built in a certain period of time, but still exciting as you are making something from nothing, from beginning to the end.

  1. Was it easy overcoming them?

Not always is it easy to overcome some challenge, as they can become complicated in a matter of seconds, but the process of understanding that challenge and finally overcoming it gives you so much pleasure and drive you toward looking forward to the next thing.

  1. Passing such barriers and snags, what turned out to be your most accomplished project? Mind sharing the experience with our readers?

At the initial stages, we were making a business app for an organization, with just their About Us, Contact Us, Reference, and Talk to us pages.

As their business was growing and expanding, we were involved in making new app projects, which we are still working on and expanding from a simple company app to a real time communication app with multiple levels of communication through their servers (it’s actually 11 apps in one), including game apps (putting their toy game business in game app)

This step by step approach to reaching the final output is our most accomplished project.

  1. According to your past experiences, what categories of games will work the best in the coming years?

Every year we have something new to bring, but in our opinion one tap games and scrolling games will always be somewhere on the top charts of all apps stores. These have a simple gameplay for all ages, easy to pick up any time of day or night.

  1. What is the one project you worked on, that brought out the best in you? 

Our most accomplished project, as we mentioned above, is real time multiple level communication app with game app for one of our clients.

  1. How do you work in a team of two’s?

Our team knows each other from our early ages (we were and are still neighbors) so as they said we know each other well, and in that kind of working atmosphere anyone can fit.

  1. Do you have plans for expansion?

We are always looking for expansion and opportunities for our business like bringing some new talent in from our surrounding area.

  1. What else do you like to do apart from game development?

We are involved in high school and university projects in providing assistance to younger developers, in the business and development part of play.

  1. We tried giving you our best with a dedicated Seller Support Executive. How would you rate your experience with GameGorillaz on a scale of 1 to 5?
Source: ReactionGif

Source: ReactionGif

We would give you a 5 because that’s the max there is on the question, but if possible, we’d want to give you a 10.


  • Fast Response Rate
  • Excellent Support
  • Extremely Fast Reviewing and Approving Process of Projects
  • Fully Responsive Website
  • Always Adding Useful Tips for Developers
  • Wide variety of Products
  1. Was the product upload process easy? Wherever there was complexity, did we provide the requisite Product Upload Assistance?

For us, there was complexity with the description file format the first time, but overall everything is so clearly written and well described.

  1. How do you consider the product Review process on GameGorillaz?

Outstanding in their famous review process speed, you have the feeling as soon as you upload all files that someone is already checking them on the other side. This is so amazing.!

  1. We thought of bringing out the Weekly Payment System for comfort to the sellers? Were the payments credited to you timely and quick?

This is an amazing option, and if we are not wrong there is no upper or lower limit on payments. More and more developers should certainly come to your platform and upload more and more projects.

For us every payment was successful and in time. Thank you for that.

  1. Do you consider Game Gorillaz to have an edge over the other available marketplaces?

As we know that in your beginning, GameGorillaz was building and selling Game Projects (Tank Wars, Extreme Bike Racer, Archers Games…). Yes we were checking your website even before you were opening doors to other developers.

Source: Gifsec

This is so big for all developers on your platform, as you already know what it takes to build and launch a game. You always help and assist developers with the most helpful resources and tips which most beginners will learn over at some period of time.


  1. For the newbies in Game Development, what would be your recommendation?

These days it is so easy and simple to enter the game development business than ever before. All the tools and resources that are needed are just one click away, for you to know what it takes to start. There are so many Game Engines out there, Unity3D, BuildBox, GameSalad… all with their own resources and tutorials.

But one thing is for sure, there needs to be time involved in it. Time and effort will make anything from nothing.

When you develop something always ask for a few opinions about your game from different people of different ages, you will be amazed the kinds of responses you will get, that will collectively get you the output that otherwise may not have.


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