Entering the Game Development Arena about two years back, Timur Taepov has been smartly creating BuildBox projects for the industry. He joined GameGorillaz only recently, and believe me when I say he’s happy.  tumblr_n1btijglcG1rby04wo1_400 His gaming studio “Just Forward” has been home to providing quality source codes and ASO Services to Appreneurs and App Reskinners.

Read on to find out what he had to say about his embarked expedition with GameGorillaz.


A Success Story on Game Gorillaz

Hello Timur. Lets start by telling our readers of when you joined the industry and the things you did previously.

I joined the industry about two years ago and then went on to establishing my own company. Prior to that, I worked for companies like Renault-Nissan, Ernst & Young, Coca-Cola Hellenic.
It was a great experience that now allows me in setting up business processes and project management in our game development studio.

We tried giving you our best with a dedicated Seller Support Executive. How would you rate your experience with GameGorillaz on a scale of 1 to 5?

Well, it will be definitely 5, taking into account that GameGorillaz has just started to expand, so the dedicated support is one of the main competitive advantages for the marketplace to gain new sellers and buyers.

It is reasonable to point out that big and well established marketplaces are not so attentive to its users to the scale. I hope GameGorillaz will cement its service level even more in the future.

Was the product upload process easy? Wherever there was a complexity, did we provide the requisite Product Upload Assistance?

Yes, sure! It was awesome when I was told that there is an option to upload the portfolio through GameGorillaz support. Though I could do it by myself then, but thanks anyway for that option.

How do you consider the product Review process on GameGorillaz?

This is another competitive advantage that GameGorillaz employs! The product review process on GameGorillaz is very fast and smooth…

Timur, we thought of bringing out the Weekly Payment System for comfort to the sellers? Were the payments credited to you timely and quick?

Well, seriously, did you decide to employ all possible competitive advantages!! 🙂 😉

This is for sure an awesome thing that will certainly attract many sellers to the marketplace. Keep it this way only.

How do you consider Game Gorillaz to have a cutting edge over the other available marketplaces?

Like I mentioned, GameGorillaz employs all vital competitive advantages and that’s great, especially in the growing market. The main thing now is to keep this way on a regular basis and add new features like selling complete apps that are already published on stores.

It will be great to see GameGorillaz as a “one stop” for the mobile game business in the nearest future.

What are the impending projects in your workbox, which we ought to look forward to?

Currently, we make game templates for reskinning upto a certain level, this is our business, but this is the business model we are use now. Definitely we want to publish a great Title that will beat the top charts in stores. For that goal, with my brother we enrolled into the best game development offline course in one of the best university in our country. It starts in May of this year and will take 9 months. We expect to gain deep knowledge into gaming business and management that will help us in making a big game Title. Moreover, we continuously improve our business processes using state-of-the-art project management tools like Trello and Slack. I believe all these things will lead us to our strategic goals.

According to your past experiences, what categories of games are tentative of working the best in the next one year?

Actually, it depends on the starting skills you have. I reckon that casual one-tap games will be always popular due to its simple mechanics and its purpose to relieve stress and kill time.

But the developers must keep in mind the current trends in technologies; I mean today Virtual Reality is a very big trend that will make a huge and very attractive market.

What have been your most accomplishing projects?

The project that we like the most from our house is Levitation


It has a mechanics that are very popular nowadays, just take a look at Color Switch game that is beating the top of the App Store.

Levitation was also featured and up-voted on Product Hunt

How do you work in the team of two’s?

Today we have a small team, me and my brother. Some small tasks are on freelancers.

 Do you have plans for expansion?

And now we are in a hiring process of a graphic designer. Means we are open for those who want to work with us on a regular basis. I’m more focused on business development things and my brother is more focused on game design & production duties.

What is your dream project or an existing one that you wish was yours?

Color Switch is for sure a great example of an amazing success story. We’d like to make a casual game on that level of quality and game design in the nearest future.

What else do you like to do apart from game development?

You know, currently game development takes almost the whole of my time. So there is very little time for other things, but I don’t forget to go for sport exercises and going out with my friends. My little dream is to get back into slalom snowboard sport which I did professionally before I enrolled in the university in 2008.

For the newbies in Game Development what would be your recommendation?

The core idea that I want to say that there is no need to make complex things on the start. Use Agile approach to run all the things.
Simplify as much as you can.
Set hypothesis and test them shortly. Make small iterations with the minimum number of unknown components. Establish system approach that will help to go step by step with minimum costs. These are general things, but they are so true especially to game business. I wish luck to all of the developers!

Join GameGorillaz today, and who know’s we’d be talking of your success, shortly!


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