Having just finished school, Matteo D’Elia loves DJ’ing and is an aspiring bartender. He loved playing games as a kid and now loves making them. He loves entertaining people with his music and games! Joining hands with GameGorillaz, Matteo made earnings he didn’t previously consider possible. Read on to know his story better..


For the time you’ve been involved in Game Development, is it a cakewalk, or a crossroad of fixtures?

Well, for those who are engaged in the programming language, it is definitely more complicated and I can totally confirm it. It’s certainly not a cakewalk and problems after problems can come out during development. I personally have not found significant problems during the development of my first game. Problems are coming out now that I am trying to develop a new game using the programming language that I’m learning

How long have you worked with the Game Development Industry? What did you choose the industry over anything else?

Personally I have always been passionate about technology and games since I was a child, and so I said to myself, why not make my own game? This thought became the reason why I began in the first place. I wanted to create a product and publish it only for the satisfaction of seeing other people play something that has been made by me.

Initially I did not think about the money, but by the time I had already seen that this could also become an opportunity to earn.

It all started about a year ago, when I discovered this fantastic software called BuildBox! I downloaded the trial version, and it immediately impassioned me. And so, I created my first game- Obscurity.

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For now I’m learning the programming languages to develop games with other software as well.

As it may be looked at, some perceive Game Development to be a cakewalk, while others, a crossroad of fixtures. How has the journey been for you? Must there be any, what sort of challenges did you face?

Well, who engages in the programming language is definitely more complicated and I can confirm it. It’s not a cakewalk and problems after problems can come out during development.

I personally did not encounter any significant problems during the development of my first game. But now that I am trying to develop a new game using the programming language that I’m learning, there are problems that I am coming across, since it is something completely new to me.

And have you been giving it a tough fight?

I think it depends on the problem! Surely it takes a lot of time and concentration.

If you’re unable to solve it in one go, you must keep trying because that is the only way you can achieve your goals feeling satisfied.

What so far has been your most accomplishing project?

My best running project (actually the only one published for now) is ” Obscurity ”. It’s a minimal arcade game with simple graphics where you only have to avoid the black blocks in a fantastic environment of shadows!

It only took me a month to make it. I worked day after day creating more and more levels and features and it now contains 70 levels, 11 characters and I’m working to update it constantly.

Guys, the satisfaction of seeing your own game on the play store is really big. It’s really a great emotion to see that other people appreciate your creation

In this one year, how much growth have you observed in yourself and your portfolio?

I definitely have gained great experience comparing the beginning to today and thanks to GameGorillaz I got the chance to increase my earnings manifold, which frankly I did not expect to have.

According to you, what trends in the industry are tentative of taking over in the coming one year?

Arcade and action games

What do you think of ‘a team of twos’?

I think it is better working in a pair because it increases the production speed, and supports the exchange of advice and opinions.

How do you rate your Seller Support Experience with GameGorillaz on a scale of 1 to 5?

Definitely 5, they are courteous, serious, punctual and are always ready to solve any problem

take a bow

Describe the product upload process in two words?

Fast and easy!

(wait! Those aren’t two words, right?

How do you consider the product Review process on GameGorillaz?

Really fast!!

What differentiates GameGorillaz from the other available marketplaces?

A weekly payment system is the best thing about GameGorillaz and is definitely a feature enviable by other sites. GameGorillaz is distinguished for their reliability and punctuality!

I have always received the payments every Friday, without any delay.

What would be your recommendation for the newbies in Game Development?

Always pursue your dreams. If you want to create an app or a game, do it, do it at all costs and you will see that the results will come and you will be rewarded with the best gratification.

 If you’re faced with an obstacle, don’t give up, but overcome it and move on it heads on! If you put in the passion, you will improve day by day, and create masterpieces one day!

So, guys, never give up and good luck to all!

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