The thing about Mark Najom’s college final year project was that it made him make a decision for life, and the decision seems to have worked pretty well for him. With about 15 projects shared at GameGorillaz for the Kids Category Exclusively and countless successful games like Clash of Empires that are already hits on the app stores, Mark Najom has seen marvel success at GameGorillaz. He attributes his success to having the right mentors in his starting years and considers himself blessed.

Read on to find out how in such little time, this game developer garnered such success.


Tell us something about you Mark? How did you land in the Game Development business?

I completed my graduation in Computer Science, following which I joined a Gaming Studio (part of Dena Japan) where I worked closely with their core gaming engine team. I have almost 3+ years of experience in Gaming and developing games for different platforms (Android, iOS, Windows and Amazon).

Great! So as far my experience tells me, there’s always a trigger that makes us take the bigger decisions in life. What triggered you to take up gaming as a full time thing?

During my graduation I, with my friends thought of making something different as a FYP (Final Year Project.) So we narrowed down to make a 3D MMORPG game in collaboration with a gaming studio in town. That decision of ours turned really beneficial for us, and I ended up deciding to take up game development as a full time thing with a gaming studio.

Since the start of your career to today, how much growth have you observed in yourself?

Definitely when you work in a professional environment with the industry professionals around, then you tend to learn more. Whenever you’re stuck in something there are mentors to guide you through out, and so in that case I have been blessed.

 What was your first indie project and which one did well on the stores?

‘Bubble Push’ was my first indie project. But it was Clash of Empires that turned out my best running project on the app stores.

What tools do you prefer to work with? And why?

I prefer working on Unity3D for multiple reasons:

635363433664819326_unity3dLogo – It takes less game development time

– It gives a multiple platform support across Android, iOS, Windows)

– Great documentation and help support

And there are many such reasons..

How long have you been associated with GameGorillaz? And how did you come to know about us?

How long have you been associated with gamegorillaz? And how did you come to know about us? I think blog was something about online marketing related stuff.

What is the one game that you’ve played and wished it was yours?

There are many 🙂 Clash of Clans is however “the” game I wished for being a part of the development team.

What kind of challenges did you face along the game dev path?

I think every phase of game development starting from a great idea to its completion has its own significance. First of all it’s hard to come up with a great idea that you can think of as something extraordinary and then comes game designing. I think a good game design works as a backbone in the success of every game. Game designing is the phase which I think is more crucial than any other phases of game development. Somehow you manage to develop a game but the knowledge that we lack is of good game designing and production. Then comes game art design, development, testing and when the product is ready marketing is the phase that should be done smartly.

Totally agreed!  So all these three months that you’ve been with GameGorillaz, how has the experience been?

So far experience is good, with full due seller support.

What is it that you like the most about GameGorillaz?

The first thing that i really appreciate about GameGorillaz is I get a major share of 80% from every purchase of my product. You take good care of your customers in this regard.

🙂 thank you! How do think of our weekly payment system? Did you receive your payments appropriately, and in time?

Oh I forgot mentioning that, that’s great! I received all my payments in time. It definitely gives you an edge over the other marketplaces.

Why did you choose to make kids games?

This is the genre I think can be used well as it gives you leverage to experiment some interesting things and also pays you really well. Kids Games Category is a highly fertile market.

Download Unity 3D Kids Games Source Codes 

Apart from being a game developer, what do you like doing in your free time?

I thoroughly enjoy reading books and also have interests in sports like cricket, badminton and table tennis

What according to you works as the best monetization technique for a game?

At the very start, try focusing on engaging people in ad free games, and once you’ve amassed a good number of active users, then start monetizing in your games with different ad networks.

For a kids game, what should be the preferred ad networks?

Admob, Chartboost and Vungle are the ad networks that do pretty well for kids games.

What are your next big projects worth the wait that we should look forward to?

I am working on of my own project these days, will let you know once I am done with some of them.

Any tips for learners?

Work hard and just believe in yourself 🙂

Source: ReactionGif

Source: ReactionGif

Harvey Specter
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Call me wind because I am abuelstoly blown away.

    Harvey Specter
    Posted at 8:35 am December 2, 2016
    Kriti Pahuja

    Good to hear that Lovie

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