Having started working in the gaming industry about 20 years ago, the experienced hands of Giuseppe Calcagno has the eye for detail and the sheer passion it takes to become an eminent name in the world of game development. While he worked at a company in his own town as a Game Designer, little had he known of the tables of the industry turning. “20 years ago, when we barely had the access to hi-speed internet, development tools and documents, little had I thought that there will be a time where young boys can make this super cool stuff and such money, right from home,” he says.

With footsteps with a company that made 2D fighting games for gameboy, Calcagno learnt much about the industry with first-hand experience.

“The advent of Smartphones has really changed the world,” he says; looking at how far we’ve come.

Giuseppe Calcagno has teamed with the GameGorillaz marketplace, as a platform to showcase his mystical talent with over 20+ projects and source codes on the store. In our conversation with him, we learnt as much from him about the industry as a story an experienced person could narrate best.


Here’s the whole story, phase by phase, age by age

About the Starting Years

snap“Turning my passion into a business was something very difficult for me. The bigger challenge was not being a real programmer, and thus at my first steps, I needed to spend plenty of time to find the development tool, that suited my skills. I only had rudimentary knowledge and only needed the tool that could help me realize my ideas and be able to make money out of it to live on. 2010 was the year when I finally decided to use the Game Salad engine …at the beginning it was all complicated and also the development of a simple game PopBalloons seemed an insurmountable challenge; but then later, when I managed to understand the developers basics I learnt how to optimize my time. But when even after multiple attempts that couldn’t really get me to where I wanted to be, I chose to change the kind of games I was working on. I decided to devote myself to the development of educational games for children, and thus achieved great results.”

“It’s a long way to the top if you wanna Rock n Roll”

About meeting challenges and launching successful projects

Inspired by the old arcade games of the 80’s, Giuseppe has spent over 4 months trying to recreate that feeling of arcade game on mobile phones and tablets. And as a consequence to this, the game Nitro Rally came out as a classic racing game from top view. The Nitro Rally Game was released both on iOS and Android garnering decent success.

Nitro Rally

“The arcade spirit in me has always wanted me to create games with Racing and Fighting Games titles, but honestly, I must admit that one of the markets where I’m investing a lot of time and getting the results is the Educational Games. The educational category of games has little competition and thus the games are really profitable. What is also to consider here is that the sources are much sought after by developers who want to reskin and launch to save money.”

About Working Singularly

Though it is great to exchange words of advice with the others, I prefer doing everything myself, from graphics to programming. Although, it does get boring sometimes, but I still don’t look at plans for expanding into a team. Let’s see what the future has in store. I like taking a jog once in a while, which working singularly allows me to do at my will.

About working with GameGorillaz

306575“For me, Game Gorillaz has been a great marketplace. The product upload process is very simple, and intuitive; only placing your project in the best category that suits it is what a game changer becomes. From all points of view, the review process is excellent and the marketplace offers a great opportunity to make some extra money. The payment system is absolutely precise and serious with the amount credited within the due time. Their Weekly Payment System is something they ALWAYS adhere to. “

“If I compare GameGorillaz to other marketplaces, they clearly have a edge above the rest. When you first land on the website, you know you’re dealing with professionals. These people are serious about their work.”

A Word of Advice from the Experience

“Never give up! Understand the market and understand what your end user wants. One good idea and its dutiful implementation can totally change people’s view at mobile games.”

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