Opportunities often come by our door, but sometimes you need to go and grab those. For Monish, a Unity Game Developer on GameGorillaz by the author name- MAD Entertainment, the entire journey has been a walk-through to grabbing the most of what came his way- be it knowledge, learning or experience! He taught himself Unity Development and stepped into the amazing world of Game Development, independently.



Read the story of his success on GameGorillaz here.

  1. Hello Monish. Tell our readers about how long have you been associated with the Game Development Industry? What has been your driving force to become a part of this particular genre of technology?

Hi Kriti! I’ve been working in Game Development for the last 1.5 years. The passion for playing games, love for animation and curiosity for the actual mechanism behind these complex games was a true driving force that pulled me in to the amazing world of game development.

  1. Since the start of your journey to today, how much growth and change do you see in yourself and your portfolio?

I started learning Unity in the last year of college. That is when I got to know about the unity game engine and I started looking for internship opportunities for the same. But as luck would have wanted it, I had no luck at it and so finally started learning it and practicing myself with the help of online tutorials and course websites.

At this moment, I see myself getting better knowledge of the game engine as well as the game industry as a whole.

When I started learning Unity, I wasn’t even aware about different marketplaces related to games, but today I am a happy seller at one of the market-leaders: GameGorillaz.

  1. Game Development often is looked at both extremes- sometimes as a very difficult nature of work, sometimes a cakewalk. How has your experience so far been? Must there be any, what sort of challenges did you face?

Game development has been a long process for me, both learning and developing. I’ve hit multiple obstacles, dead ends but some power ups throughout the road. There were times when I developed something devoting hours, only to realize that it won’t work.

While on the other hand there were things I thought will be difficult, but were quite easy.

So maybe I had a mixed journey, but every challenge that I was faced with, has taught me something new.

  1. What was your mantra to face the challenges that came along your way?

In this day and time, there is a lot of help available, especially for new game developers! You can easily find solutions to all your problems on the internet once you know where to look for it. I wouldn’t say it was too easy or too difficult but one thing for sure it has been a fun ride and will surely be so in the future as well.

  1. What turned out to be your most accomplishing project, despite the hurdles you were faced with?

While developing a puzzle game for a client, I was asked to add certain features which I had never before then tried (my client shouldn’t know this ;)). And the project delivery was on the next day. I tore down the internet to find tutorials or help to lead me to a possible solution. I worked on it for 30 hours straight, without a break, to make accomplish what they seeked from me. That game was “The Black” for android and iOS. I also got really really great compliments from them which still keep me motivated to try my hands on new things.

  1. According to your past experiences, what categories of games are tentative of working the best in the next one year?

I definitely think ‘one touch games’ are the best to work on. Not only for the next one year but for more years to come. These games are relatively easy, have a fast all around development and also fun to both- develop and play.

  1. What have been your most accomplishing projects?

Here are some links of my works both recent and old:

These are the games I developed to sell exclusively on GameGorillaz

Apart from above games I have many more games that were developed for clients along with 3 unfinished ones.

  1. How do you work in the team of two’s?

I am an independent developer for now. But I have many arrows in my quiver to help me. I keep grilling on my brothers and sisters to suggest new ideas and watch for new games that are trending in the markets. I also have a friend who is always ready with his brush to paint me some graphics when I need them.

I strongly believe in a quote from Helen Keller that says “Alone we can do a little, together we can do so much

  1. Do you plan for expansion?

I would more than certainly like to expand my little world and would definitely love the opportunity to work and learn from other developers whenever I get the chance.

  1. Apart from game development, what else do you like to do?

I love to develop graphics design and animation, so I keep on looking for some way to learn them in any free time I get, which I rarely do.

  1. Our focus stays on keeping the sellers at the marketplace service satisfied with a dedicated Seller Support Executive. If you had to rate your experience with GameGorillaz on a scale of 1 to 5, what’d it be?

take a bowIf I have to rate GameGorillaz between 1 and 5, I would definitely rate them with a 100. It has been an experience of a life working with GameGorillaz. Even if there are so many developers on the website I have always experienced a personalized approach for all my queries and problems. I am sure other developers on GameGorillaz will agree to this. After learning about GameGorillaz, I thought to work with them for a passive (side) income, but with the exposure I received here, I am now a full time developer for GameGorillaz.

Soon you will see my profile with tons of new products for exclusive selling here.

  1. Was it comfortable uploading your projects on GameGorillaz? Wherever there was a complexity, did we provide the requisite Product Upload Assistance?

GameGorillaz has one of the easiest product upload process among all. And there was always personalize help available whenever needed. I have also always been advised by GameGorillaz for valuable market analysis and useful information.

  1. What are your views about the product Review process on GameGorillaz?

The Fastest. GameGorillaz has the fastest review process compared to all other marketplaces. Most of the times, it even takes less than an hour. That’s all it takes to let a game go live in the market.

  1. For complete comfort to the sellers, we thought of bringing out a Weekly Payment System. Have the payments credited to you been quick and timely?

One of the best things about GameGorillaz is their Weekly Payment Process. Where other website make you wait for 30 – 45 days to release the payouts, GameGorillaz clears all your earning payouts every week. Also, if in case there is an unavoidable circumstance that may delay the payment, they notify well in advance and make sure the dues are cleared on the nearest possible date.

  1. What do you think gives GameGorillaz an edge over the other available marketplaces?

I consider GameGorillaz as a current market leader among all other available spaces. They provide better service than any other website, best exposure to your products, useful market information to grow with the market and above all- fastest payments. If I had to describe GameGorillaz in one word it would be “Best”, if two words “The Best” and if three words “Simply the BEST”.

  1. What would be your word of advice to the newbies in Game Development?

To them, I would recommend that they should know they’re in the one of the best and ever emerging genre of technology. To grow in this field you need to be patient. You will succeed, if not immediately then eventually!

All you have to have in you is passion and hunger for learning new things.

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