A thought that happens in a dorm, sometimes works the extra mile turning to a multi-figure business. The whole ride is an adventure trip that has its own high’s and lows.

For Robert Alexandru, there too is a similar yet deeper story. He now is one who has had great success on GameGorillaz as well.


Read on, to find out how an idea that you feel is really small, grows to a full time business, and how young blood that want’s to be it’s own boss, can be it.

Why Game Development?

I started developing apps about 5 years ago. At that time I had no idea how to code and no money to invest. I remember one night finding this cheap slot machine source code and downloading it, after I used Photoshop to reskin and published it on Google Play. I didn’t really expect much, but after a while I started making money and that’s when this whole thing started.

What pushed me towards apps? The idea of making money from home and being my own boss was so appealing; I had to at least give it a try. I highly respect people that can do the 9-5, however I wanted to find a way that I could work from home.

 The Growth since when he started.. 

We have grown as a business a lot, from a student in his dorm trying to make some quick cash to a fully functioning business. We are now looking to help other people that want to start in this business. We are not just thinking of how we can make money for ourselves. Helping other people find the freedom we have found is an amazing feeling.

We do like cakes, but GameDev, isn’t a cakewalk..

I wouldn’t use the word cakewalk when you talk about Game Development. Yes, re-skinning a game can be super easy, but then the fun part starts. You need to be super careful about what keywords you are using, research what is on trend and hit on a niche. When you are a small developer, you cannot go general;you must go on a small niche and make your cash there.

The journey has been a roller-coaster to say the least, starting from zero and going to a six figure business is not exactly easy. You will always face challenges that’s a given, from fixing bugs on your products to making sure that every single one of your customers remains happy. It is one hell of an adventure!

The rolling barrels that flip side to side; countering challenges..

Nothing is easy in this business, but as I said, it is really fun and rewarding.

Bobangroup.com as a whole is one of our most accomplished projects so far. It will soon be open to our customers, and it will be an amazing experience for everybody to be a part of. Our customers will be able to get free graphics and a lot of free tutorials just because they have bought one of our products.

We will also be releasing our multi-theme slot machine source code soon (on GameGorillaz first). It will be affordable and it will have some AMAZING features.

Because experience, is the best teacher..

Slot machines will always work; people love those kinds of games. Slot machines will never go out of style. The fun with slots is that you don’t need millions of downloads to make money (the PPC it is one of the highest in this industry), with just over 30,000 downloads; one of our clients is making over $1000/month. Imagine having 10-15 slot apps that are making that kind of money each game.

The team and it’s accomplishments, whilst expanding the grid..

I feel very accomplished when I see my customers making money with source codes they have bought from me. I love working in team of two’s. Right now we are working on helping our customers more. We will soon be bringing more amazing products with a bigger team. However, we first want to make sure that they are making the money and are happy.

When not developing games.. 

In my spare time, I enjoy watching my kids grow (the best part of working from home!) playing soccer and kickboxing.

And a little talk about us now…

Our Seller Support is..

Amazing! I would definitely rate it 5 stars!

Uploading products, and Assistance.. 

The product was uploaded within a few minutes and we didn’t have any issues so far. When I had any questions, GameGorillaz support was really fast to answer.

Review Process on GameGorillaz..

Fast and useful.

Weekly Payment System?

Yes, I love it. The weekly payments are amazing, comfortable and timely

Why GameGorillaz is different..

GameGorillaz differs from other available marketplaces because of the weekly payments and the uploading process.

Recommendations for freshers..

This is a great question. I would say to all the new cash flow seekers; keep on going my friends, keep on going. Whenever it feels like it’s getting hard and you don’t quite get the downloads that you would’ve hoped, keep your perseverance.

You certainly will get it right.

If you give up, you eliminate all the chances that you might have had otherwise.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 1:06 pm June 1, 2016

Awesome, thank you Rob. I bought from you and I am extremely happy. I always made my investment back.

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