VMOGA, a name that is dedicated to the creation of  enjoyable apps that are both beautiful and powerful. VMOGA put up some amazing projects for sale on GameGorillaz, and their work is of total worth the appreciation they got. Ghostly Gardens, a clone of Plants vs Zombies, an already super-hit got a stunning response while Talking Tom clone- Talking Jerry, did subtly well too!

We happened to run into conversation with them, and here’s all that happened.



And by now you know, we first asked our basic question- how long has it been?

VMOGA: After having worked for years at GameLoft, on 04/07/2012, we started off our own Corporation. We loved the idea of opening our corporation and do what we love to do every day in our life “CODES “.

Vmoga is company for creating beautiful and powerful apps that really allow you to enjoy all the time. From when we started to today, we’re a much stronger  company now and we want go forward toward creating more apps, allow people to get into an addictive gameplay and enjoy more.


Then we wanted to know, what’s cooking in store now? What the company’s current standing is, their workforce, and the roles they play..

We simply developing games and mobile applications with highly quality graphics, sound etc.

We’re trying push ourselves much harder for bringing only the best apps, much faster.


Advantages of working with VMOGA? Here’s the company Bio and some Stats

Team: 12 Professional Developers

Experience: 4-9 years

The most conducive thing about our organization being what it is today is our trust in our team.  We work on the motto “Trust first, money second”

We love build strong relationships with people and share with them the happiness.

We work with the belief that hard work will get us anything we dream about. Never give up and try always pushing yourself forward in your life. We try being innovative in our endeavors and give the world something that could make gamers enjoy doing what they do.

Company Skills

Our team is constantly at the path of developing themselves and building their skills in whatever they do. Be it programming or designing, we work with people who are efficacious at both of it.

It’s a pure delight to bring out the best in us, for you.

Games Created: 20

Base on: Java, C++, JavaScript, C#

Markets launched in: iOS, Android, Window Store


  • Top 1 Nokia store Vietnam (Game)
  • Top 3 Window Store Vietnam (Game)
  • Top 50 Android store Vietnam (Game)
  • 5 millions users all platform. + 60 thousand active users.

Now like we said before, pearls don’t lay on the harbor. They did face challenges through their own trail. And “of course it was hard to sacrifice a stable working at GameLoft and start own company” they say.

But after trails come successes.

Ghostly Garden has been our most accomplished project since we put immense hard work into it, working much faster.. We released the game on January 1st, 2015 and later released a newer version on April 17th, 2016.

(Just saying, the Ghostly Gardens project is available on our store ) 

Ghostly Gardens available now at Game Gorillaz

Here’s the achievement charter for their most accomplished project:

Top 3 best download Win phone in Vietnam
Top 50 best download Android in Vietnam

Current Status: 

Among the Top 20 best download WinPhone Vietnam
Among the Top 100 best download Android Vietnam
Game type: Strategy – Offline
Platform: iOS, Android, WinPhone
Business Model: IAP, ADS
Daily installs: + 5000
Daily active users: 10000 – 20000

And we do like the game description as well. 

When darkness falls and the moon rise, the zombies awake from the grave to attack the human world. Knowing this, the flowers plan to prevent that conspiracy. Let’s join companion and commanded them to stop the attack of zombies in Angry Flowers.Ghostly Garden

Features of Ghostly Gardens HD: 

Many challenging levels in CLASSIC and PUZZLE mode
5 plants with unique skills vs 5 terrifying zombies.
HD quality Graphics and sounds.
Pose challenges to players around the world

But why Ghostly Gardens??

Plants VS Zombie looked easy, yet inspiring. We thought we could make a similar app but with more enjoyment to it and with graphics and sounds plus added methods to play

And the audiences did like it much..

People complained they spent too much time playing the game and not enough studying it and adapting it. We get more than 10k active users daily, so I guess they did.

There are high points and there’s low.. Let’s just know the higher one..

The moment that our game Angry flower (Ghostly Garden ranked an overall first on Google play in many countries and has reached a million players today.

From the success of others, few do learn. What’s to learn from them, is this…

I believe you should always have faith in God and in yourself because it’s hard in the beginning. But patience and hard work are the two keys you need to break down the walls. What you should do right now is to think about your dreams. However elusive it seems and no matter how much disappointment you have faced, believe your dream is possible and that will make all the difference. While focusing on your dreams, you will incur a lot of disappointment, failure, pain and defeat but you will also discover new things about yourself and realize more of what you are capable. The person you want to be is someone who leaves a positive mark on the world.

There’s always “What if’s “

What if we’d shed our fears and started with creating our own company right when we began? LOL

What’s new back in the bag?

Now, we’ve been actually working on creating only attractive games and upload on Google play toward earning from IAP and Ads. We have long list for future apps like Gungun app and make new version for our apps Ghostly Garden, Dragon Epic etc.

VMOGA is in the process of growing big in the ever so dynamic industry.  What they have in store is what they have to offer. What they have to offer is what the industry has to consume.

If you have any questions for us, or for VMOGA, post it in the comments below. And, we’ll get back to you.

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