Rizwan, the maker of Cubi Jump has proven that dedication and eccentricity gives worthwhile results; making his products, a commendable success on GameGorillaz. With us today, he shares his experiences and the recurring success that he experienced with us.

Read on to know how Rizwan’s project made him taste the flavor of success!

How has your experience with team GameGorillaz been? If you had to rate your ordeal with your dedicated Seller Support Executive on 1 to 5, what would it be?

It has been a short but great experience so far. I gained almost instant response from the support team and would rate their support with 5 stars, of course. b50a020a782c9b7f574c3e5ff9be9216

Has the due Product Upload Assistance been provided? Was the process easy?

Uploading my products on GameGorrillaz was pretty easy and I haven’t had any problem doing that. The only thing I ask for is an HTML based description box, so we sellers can shine our products with images etc.

How do you consider the product Review process on GameGorillaz?

Well, it was fairly in time. It is usually a boring process for sellers but to maintain a quality platform, I totally understand the reason for a review process.

The marketing that was done for your product, was the quality and substance of it at par with your standard of need? If we did lag anywhere, what suggestions would you like to make?

In this section particularly, I believe I was actually lucky as I got spammed for my Buildbox templates. So GameGorillaz put all of them on the front page and for me it was a great opportunity that worked.

What do you think about our Weekly Payment System? Were the payments credited to you quick and timely?

Weekly Payments are the prime reason why I’m more interested in GameGorillaz as a platform. The payments are made in time, which is great for Sellers. We don’t need to wait 30 – 45 days to be credited our dues.

How effective and consistent have your sales on GameGorillaz been? How was the upthrust in sales when the marketing and promotions were on?

Within 2 days of my products being approved, I started receiving orders. I think GameGorillaz’s email marketing campaigns and also having to be seen on front page of website helped my products.

How do you consider GameGorillaz as a platform which is different than the others?

I think, as a seller, it is very easy to use.

And easy to manage the dashboard, i just wish there was a separate section for payment summary etc. but in comparison with others i had no problem so far.

What is your best selling and most accomplishing product on GameGorillaz?

CubiJump has been my best seller on GameGorillaz.

What are your forthcoming products that we ought to look forward to?

First, I will be upgrading all my precious templates to a newer BuildBox version, which will be pretty cool as I’d be able to incorporate new features into it. I also have some big and major projects that I’m coming up with, especially for GameGorrillaz, as ready to launch templates.

According to your past experiences, what categories of games are tentative of working the best in the next one year?

I think most people love games that are single tap or match 3 kinds. But in my opinion, I think arcade games take more place and work the best.

Are there any particular reasons behind specifically picking up Buildbox as your weapon of choice?

I used to work in Cocos2D and without a doubt, it was a great framework. And it still is. I love how Buildbox works, just to make things faster and easier, and also it supports cocos2D.

For the newbies in Game Development what would be your recommendation?

Learn and Practice 🙂


If you have any questions for Rizwan, post in the comments section below. 

Keep posting, keep earning. 

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