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The GameGorillaz Marketplace has turned one today and its time to celebrate. Not only did we completely revamp the entire website to look the beauty it is right now, we’ve got a surprise for you as well.

What we’ve achieved in this one year couldn’t have been possible, had it not been for your constant support and endurance. As special as this is for us, we thought of making  it a bonanza for you as well.

Exactly one year ago, GameGorillaz was no more than a personal website which sold not more than 30 of our own source codes. So what did we achieve in the past 12 months?

Here are some stats!

  1. Over 700 Developers/ Designers/ Music Artists are now onboard
  2. 2000+ Assets are in our library to choose from
  3. 12000 + Items sold
  4. … Plus a TON of money paid to developers on time, everytime

And therefore, we’re here with the “Big Birthday Bash”

The most premium assets on GameGorillaz from which we started this site are now on a huge sale. And when I say huge, I mean “HUGE”. These game projects have helped developers earn over $5000+ each in a mere matter of weeks. Check out whats on sale till 9th  of December 2016. So HURRY!


Talk back Tom:
Earlier priced at $499, the project is now available at only $69
This one never gets old. The source code has been used by developers multiple times to have achieved massive success. Some developers even added their kids’ own pictures. Games made from this code have topped charts and have got millions of downloads for developers. Kids Category FTW!
Check it out




Traffic Racer:
Earlier priced $699, now at $99
Undeniably a game that kids of all ages have always and forever loved. Whenever you launch, it always does great! The 3D racing game made in Unity has caught the attention of developers. 5 Millon downloads + for one of our buyers from Turkey.
Check it out




Food Cooking Time Management Game:
Earlier priced $499, now at $99
This game is crazy in terms of retention. Easily scale it up with more levels and give your users months of gameplay. Always been very successful and highly rated on the app stores.
Check it out




Basketball Pro 3D: 
Earlier priced $649, now at $99
This game, if developed from scratch will cost you almost between $20k to $25k. With a code like this, at a price like this, do you really need to think twice? It is multiplayer game with tons and tons of features. The list of features is endless. Seriously.
Check it out




6 Kids Games Unity 3D Source Codes Bundle:
Earlier priced $699, now at $99
Sale on sale. 12 game source codes that are absolute bestsellers. We personally have had tons of success in the Kids category. If you are a newbie in the app industry, starting from the kids category is the safest bet. Give your portfolio a headstart with these kids codes that will surely give you success.
Check it out




Jelly Bear Claw Kids Game (Ready to Upload)
Earlier priced $699, now at $149
20 levels of a seemingly impossible arcade game that kids love, the game is a Quick Launch project that doesn’t even need change of graphics. Think about it.
Check it out




Road Rash Motorcycle Real Bike Racing 3D Complete Project:
Earlier priced $149, now at $49
Stunning graphics with an endless game play, bike upgrades, in-app purchases and anything else you ask for.
Check it out




Dish Wash Kids Game (Ready to Upload): 
Earlier priced $699, now at $149
Another one of our Quick Launch codes, requires no reskinning and admob integrated. Its a sure grab.
Check it out




Car Parking Simulator Game Complete Project: 
Earlier priced $149, now at $29
33 levels of a mind churning game that garnered a hundred thousand downloads. One of our all time favorites.
Check it out




Casino Slots Unity 3D Complete Project:
Earlier priced $199, now at $39 With high ECPM and 4 inbuilt micro games this is one of the most loved category of games.
Developers have scaled this code up and made massive money just because of the ECPMs
Check it out





Extreme Bike Racer Complete Project: 
Earlier priced $149, now at $29
Super easy customization and completely coded project with included ad networks.
Check it out




Sports Game Soccer / Volleyball Game Complete Project :

Earlier $199, now at $39

The best code which can be used for any sports game. Basketball, Football, Tennis … You name it.

Check it out



…..and, there’s always more..
Here’s the link to all our source codes which are on discounted cost.


Once again, we thank all of you to make GameGorillaz a huge success, and we look forward to making this a much bigger platform for buyers and sellers in 2017.


Rajan Arora
Game Gorillaz

Harvey Specter
Posted at 5:33 pm December 4, 2016

From my heart, I wish all have happy BIRTHDAY… 🙂

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