The Success tale of Secret Chest Casino Slots: An Interaction with Todd Smith. 

Todd Smith, the founder of Outlandish Apps LLC, is one of the most grossing Developers at GameGorillaz.  His Secret Chest Casino Slots complete project, built in iOS Native, became extensively popular within hours of its upload.

Read on to find out what he has to say about the success of his project.

Hey Todd! How long has your association with the Game Development Industry been? What driving force pulled you towards this particular genre of technology?

I started in the October of 2012. The opportunities in the development industry that allowed us to “paint” our ideas onto an easily scalable canvas that the mobile app industry was turning into, were something that pulled me towards itself.

From when you started to where you are today, how much growth do you observe in yourself and your portfolio?

I would say that most of the growth that we’ve had, (me particularly) has been in the form of education.  Yes, education by failures.  In terms of a monetary growth, that was better a year ago because it was easier to achieve a target growth.
Because of more competition, things are a bit different now.  You have to get more creative and smart about how you do things.  To achieve that, we need to look for where the market has been and where we are going now.  Then you figure out how you fit into all that.  Today (2016 is when that education is going to start showing its returns.

As it may be looked at, some perceive Game Development to be a cakewalk, while others, a crossroad of fixtures. How has the journey been for you? Must there be any, what sort of challenges did you face?

There is no cakewalk here.  As mentioned above, we have had many failures.  Some are not as black and white.  For example, I may not be able to say, “App XYZ failed” and then send you a link.  The failures I’m talking about never hit the store.  Projects that had too much time allocated to them or had some hiccups are the ones you will never see.  And those are the projects I attribute much of my education to.

Finding out the ways as to how NOT to do something allows me to find out how to do it.  There have been plenty of stories of developers that publish an app back in the day or even today that do very very well and it doesn’t look like they ever see failure.  I would say that majority of these developers have had plenty of projects that maybe you won’t hear about, but didn’t do so hot.  They take those mistakes and feedback to create better apps, overall.  That is what we try to do.

Challenges, early on, were making the mistake of thinking if you build it they will come (with little promotion).  Challenges today are more about standing out and breaking through the large clutter of the competition.

Was it easy overcoming them?

Ummm. No.

Passing such barriers and snags, what turned out to be your most accomplishing project? Mind sharing the experience with our readers?

All our successful wins were attributed to mainly a few important things.

Research and Execution 

Observing what the market wants and giving it to them quicker than the majority.  This stands true for trends like Flappy bird and Casino games.

Why did you particularly pick up slots as your prime focus for the project? Did this go through an adept review process?


We had a great source code that others wanted to use so we set it up for them to reskin and work with.

For a newbie, according to you, what are the most ideal software/tools that they should use to spawn an R.O.I yielding project?

To them I would say, keep the expenses low.  Learn how to reskin apps before farming it out to others (unless you know them and trust them).  You can spend a lot of money sometimes with private programmers and the costs add up quickly.  Bid projects out for a flat fee, not hourly if you can help it.   Using a reskin & promotional service offered by GameGorillaz is an option as well.  Use App Annie, a push notification software and review your stats in Chartboost and Applovin.  Find out how to really dial in your campaigns so you can get the most of your impressions.

With an influx of commendable marketing techniques coming up, both organic and inorganic, what is your insight to it? What is your preferred means?

As clique as it may sound, I think you really need to build an app or portfolio around good solid theme / niche.  High quality artwork, good ASO and awesome features set you up to be great.   From there you can start to explore some of these commendable marketing techniques.  The mistake that I made over the years at different times was relying on one or the other instead of both.

Not all the time, but more often than I would like to admit, I would build / reskin an average game and then use some of these promotional methods to try and build momentum behind that game.  Sure you can get it going but it gets expensive because at the end of the day, it’s an average game that could have better ASO that I’m paying to promote.  Usually, it’s going to take more money to promote an average executed game than it will, to promote an awesome execute game for the same result.  Or I would build a pretty great app / game and then think because of that, people would find it.  The majority of us can’t count on that to keep the lights on.

What is my point?  My point is instead of just throwing something together, spend some time and research so you can create something so cool that people want to talk about it and share it on social media, blog posts, etc.

It is then that you can explore some creative promotional angles.  With both these by your side, you can really cover some ground.  So if you start with something great and I know it is common sense but it’s easy to forget, then you can spend less energy / cash trying to convince people it’s great.

How effective do you recognize your sales of Secret Chest Casino Slots with Game Gorillaz?

So far it’s been well received and we hope to continue with that.

Must I ask, did it pay you well?

It’s more about trying to provide an app template that is the best on the market in the slots area, than paying well.  A few years ago you had more options, but now there are less people willing to put out a good casino slots code because it’s expensive.

Apart from slots, what other genre of apps have worked the best for you to generate highest ECPM?

Arcade games have somewhere contributed towards good ECPM’s.

In your sales with Game Gorillaz, was thorough assistance and support provided at our end? 

Yes. It’s been great.

How quick, fitting and regular were the payments?

Very quick and regular.

The marketing strategies that we adopted for your project, did they match the standards of your need? What are your suggestions, if any, that we could use to work even better?

Absolutely! I particularly loved the artwork that was put together for the flash sale!

Are there any special recommendations that you want to refer to our readers through the experiences of the success of your project?

Focus on standing out.  Focus on not always being the best, but being different.   In 2016, there is a lot of competition, but still plenty of opportunities. You don’t have to always focus on the apps at the top of the charts for the entire app store.  Look at some of those less sexy categories and see what is popular in those categories. See what apps are doing well and what problem they are solving or what void they are filling.  Ask yourself if you can do it better and if you can, do it.  I can think of a few apps that have been doing well for years without many improvements just because they haven’t had to implement them.  There isn’t anyone producing a better app that forces them to.

Todd Smith, the founder of Outlandish Apps LLC is responsible for bringing one of the best (up to date) single theme casino app templates to the market.

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