Let me start by asking you something. What was your favorite thing to do when you were in High School? Wound between grades and classes, the only way I enjoyed was binge watching the Disney Channel while I munched on snack. But for Abhishek, life choices are much different. This little tenth grader has done much bit to make a living and pay for his and his family’s luxuries.

abhishekAbhishek, a fifteen year old BuildBox Developer at GameGorillaz was an eighth grader when he developed his first software and made it available on his WeeBee website: www.abhigc.com. He named the Address Book Software- Ananya, by the name of his sister. And when one odd day, something pulled his interest in Game Development, he learnt certain tools and languages including C, C++, Stencil, Flash and even tried hands at Unity learning through online tutorials. He finally searched Google for the easiest game building software where he found BuildBox to be his ultimate weapon of choice.

His first attempt didn’t turn out as expected, but with unfailing efforts in the direction he succeeded in making a successful BuildBox Game- Ball Jump, giving a head-start to his career as an Indie Developer.

Belonging to a small Indian town of Haryana named Cheeka, Abhishek was in Chandigarh, and decided to visit our office; and was welcomed with usher happiness.

While he learnt the things he wanted to, the GameGoriillaz team took their share of inspiration from him. Accompanied by his maternal grandfather, a local businessman; the whole day involved rigorous learning at both ends.

Here’s what happened when he visited our office in Chandigarh, India.

When a guy his age enters a corporate office, it is only natural that it catches everyone’s eye. Abhishek took the complete pleasure in introducing himself to the team at GameGorillaz. While he already built some games successfully to yield sufficient earnings, he showed the team his ongoing project.


Abhishek in the center, showing his ongoing project to the team on a mobile he bought with his earnings at GG

Abhishek has a keen interest in learning unity game development and had certain queries regarding the coding process and more. Our developers personally entertained his queries.


                                                             Our Unity Game Developer Swaraj answers Abhishek’s questions

His inquisitiveness for Virtual Reality was evident as he curiously asked if we knew about it. What we did was showed him some of our in-house games on the Procus Pro VR headset. His grandfather too was curious and tried the experience himself.


       Abhishek and his Grandfather experience The Bet Horror Virtual Reality Game on the ProcusPro headset

This young game developer had his own concerns on if he should start publishing his games on the Play Store. The doubts he had were well addressed.


                               Ankur explains Abhishek the specifics required for game publishing

He was also briefed upon the fundamentals of ASO and game publishing, relevance of keyword optimization, deciding the right title and more.


Kriti (yeah me), explaining to Abhishek the importance and relevance of ASO

Abhishek is a happy and focused kid. If he took to game development, he made sure that his studies weren’t at the neglected end. He gives sufficient time to each and one doesn’t overpower the other. He garnered a whooping score of higher than 90% in the ninth grade.

At the start of his journey, there were some projects of him that didn’t work fully well or had a lag here or there. But Abhishek didn’t give up on his passion then, rather trained himself rigorously to becoming one of the youngest game developers on GameGorillaz by the name of Happy Wheels. He sold his first source code on another marketplace initially, but now happily looks up to GameGorillaz for his projects and further assistance on them.

The joy could be felt in his voice when he received goodies as a token of appreciation, which also included a Virtual Reality headset to help him kick start into another area of work.



If you too want to visit, or have something to share about your experience get in touch with us at: [email protected]

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Nice article and congrats to the young star .

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