Phan Ba Nhut is a Vietnamese Electrical Engineer, born in the year 1991. He gave up his professional prospects of engineering to finally meet his dream of making games, like he loved playing as a kid.

Read on for an aspiring and inspiring story of a “young” game developer.

  1. How long have you been in the Game Development Industry? Why did you pick on this particular genre of technology?

I started making games about 3 years ago. Because I liked to play when I was young, I grew up wanting to create them myself.

  1. Along these three years, what is the growth you observe in yourself and your portfolio?

To be honest, not much! That’s because I began learning Unity while I was at the University. I’ve only started giving more time to it since about a year ago.

  1. How has your journey in the Industry been like? And along the path, what have been the low points?

Yeah, learning on your own is a big enough challenge, first. Moreover, English is not my mother tongue and to start learning it was the first challenge I was standing face to face with. Of course my English is better now, at least enough to understand the documentations and interact with people around me.

Making a game requires for you to have the knowledge of coding, Photoshop n more and the passion to do it.

All of these are not something you’re born with. These need to be learnt, with patience.

  1. How difficult was it to overcome them?

I’d say, not as easy as I thought J

  1. Having done so, what has been your most accomplishing project?

To be honest, I haven’t any good game so far, but I’m pretty certain, in the near future I will J

  1. There’s usually a trend that emerges significantly in an industry like this one. As far as you’ve come , along with the experience you’ve had so far, what according to you will be the trend in the near future, say, the next on year?

People enjoy playing simpler games, simple but highly entertaining. The trend has been here a while, and I think it is here to stay.

  1. What have been your most accomplishing projects?

All my projects are available on the play store: AddpGames

  1. How do you think of working in a team of two’s? Do you look at expansion any time soon?

I’m an idle developer; I did all of these things J Yes I do look at expansion, but not in the near future.

  1. Apart from game development, what are the other things that you like to do?

For now, I’m just spending time making games. According to what my degree says, I’m an electrical engineer but I still want to do this J

  1. How would you rate your experience with GameGorillaz Seller Support Executive on a scale of 1 to 5?

I’d say 4!  Your support is great; I came with my bag to this site when Ankur invited me. I think your system works really well!

  1. Is it easier to upload projects on the website? Wherever there was a complexity, if any, did you get the requisite Product Upload Assistance?

I don’t think there ever was a need for uploading my projects. The upload process and system is pretty simple and easy to understand.

  1. How do you think of our idea of quick and timely Weekly Payments?

This, I think, makes you the most different from any other markets. I really like it! The payments, as you promised, are made every Friday! J And such an organized system is a delight!

  1. With the kind of experience that you’ve had, if there was a suggestion to make to those who are just freshers of the Game Development industry, what would your recommendation be?

With my own little experience, I think I’m not in the position to make a recommendation to this. But wholly, I believe, as a developer you must carry a passion for it! Any lack in this, can hold you back from making an awesome game.

Check out the snippets from his projects:

one more line   Pop Pop one touch

Slope 3D

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