You must have heard of the super fun games like Run Sheeda Run, Lost Twins and of course a celebrated asset on Game Gorillaz- the Mr. Square Template. 

Meet the team here today! Team WeRPlay !

bilal Team

In conversation with Bilal Ahmed Mirza, Developer, We R Play.

GG: If you had to define yourself in one word as a developer, what would it be and why?

Bilal: If I had to define myself in one word as a developer it would be “Passionate”. I code for fun. I love code, I enjoy code. I always challenge myself by writing high quality code.

GG: What insisted you to join this genre of technology?

Bilal: Technology has attracted me a lot since my childhood. Playing games on mobile phones, tablets etc have always attracted me. I always knew that I will adopt this as my career.

GG:How long have you been working into game development? Do you work on this full time or part time?

Bilal: I have been working as a full time game developer for almost three years.

GG: What is the kind of software’s/tools you use?

Bilal:  For IOS development, I use Xcode and for android development, I use Eclipse.

GG:You’ve developed so many games on Cocos 2D, what about it attracts you so much?

Bilal:  Cocos2d is very easy. The API is very simple. With the use of API, one can simply create a vibrant game world by writing few simple lines of a code. Cocos2d allow us to add In-app purchases and Game Center services in our game.

GG: What is the project that works for you as the final destination to be at, like a dream project?

Bilal:  For me, my dream project will be making a high quality game and people across the world liking and playing it.

GG: What has been your biggest accomplishment/accomplished project so far?

Bilal: My biggest accomplishment so far was a game template project- Mr. Squares.

GG: Tell us about your team, developers and designers who have been working with you.    

Bilal: We have a team of 10 developers working on different projects. We also have game designers and artists here.

GG:What is your take on the future of gaming and technology?

Bilal: As far as I think, the future of gaming and technology is really awesome. Almost everyone today has got their smart phones, tablets etc. As new technologies are emerging every day, people are playing more and more games. They are interacting and challenging their friends through social games. 

GG: Out of the multiple platforms available, why did you pick on GameGorillaz?

Bilal: I believe GameGorillaz is the most suitable platform for developers and its great working with them. Communication is very easy. The product rates are also fine.. They are a very cooperative group.

GG: What are the other things you like to do, apart from being a techno-savvy?

Bilal: I love to play football. I watch movies, play games like fifa, dota etc.

GG: If you wouldn’t be a developer, what would you be?

Bilal: I love football. If I wouldn’t be a developer I would be a football player.

GG: Something you would like to mention that we missed on?

Bilal: We are developing templates of some good and successful games and we`are expecting sales.

GG: Tell us about your endless run project “Run Sheeda Run” with got a very excellent response from users on play store and about WeRplay.

Bilal: Run Sheeda Run is a runner. It is based on Pakistani desi theme with a fixed map of Lahore. People in Audiences are really liking this game. Initially we launched it on Google Store but now we are working on it and we will also launch it on Apple Store.

Here are some of their works and assets on Game Gorillaz.


sheeda          Cookie

Loopy Roads


The Lost Twins


We wish you the best WeRPlay!

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