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Service Detail

Basketball Pro 3D Project

Basketball is a really cool genre in the app stores, and gets tons of downloads especially from countries like US and UK. We have had some crazy success with Sports games and this projects is the holy grail of sports games.

Without a doubt a game like this custom made from scratch would not only cost you easily over $25K, but would take months of effort.

Before this code, we had launched a mini basketball source code on our website. That was for people who wanted to make a game without spending too much money.

This one, has soooo many features that it’s pretty tough to list them all.

Let me try my best to mark down as many as possible.



Cross Platform: Game works wonders in all devices and platforms

Made in Unity: Upload the game to all stores which are supported by Unity, Also the code works well with Unity 5.

Interactive Menu Screen: Main menu is interactive which gives the game a different class alltogether

Easy and Hard Mode

Interactive Tutorial: The game has an interactive tutorial to get the users to understand the game better and faster

Single Player Modes: The single player has tons of game play. The single mode has the following sub modes in it:

1) 60 Seconds Rush Mode

2) 1 Ball Hero Mode

3) 9 lives Mode

4) Career Mode

Trophies and Missions: The code has close to 100 missions and trophies for the player to unlock. This means the player spends a lot of time inside the game which is equal to more ad opportunities and In App Purchases

Multiplayer: The game has a multiplayer functionality and Multiple Rooms for users to compete with each other. Using Facebook Login, we also capture the email addresses of users for future promotional purposes.

3 Environments: The game has 3 awesome and realistic environments

Over 10 Basketballs: Over 10 Basketballs that can be unlocked in the game

Special Features: During the game play there are many possible ways to get super powers. 4X multiplier, 2X multiplayer, Extend Time, Extra ball etc. Really hard to get them

Awesome Sound Effects: The game has really cool sound effects from the tutorial to in-game. Keeps your players interested

IAPs: There are many in-app purchases which the user can buy.


and TONS AND TONS of features. Phew!

Test Drive the Game

We suggest you play the game yourself on this link  to get an idea of the quality of this project