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Basketball 3D Unity 3D Mini Project

Introducing a small yet really powerful project. This is a Mini Basketball project which simply involves making baksetball shots. This was a test project for us, but what awesome results it gave us in terms of downloads was CRAZY!!!

Close to 300,000 downloads in 5-6 months!!

Check out the game below:
Google Play Link

If you look at this project, you might not find it with tons of features. We agree. However, this is not supposed to a large project, but an entry level project if you want to create something in the sports category without spending too much money.

Unity 3D: The game is made in Unity and can be exported to all platforms and stores Unity supports
3D Graphice: The game uses 3D graphics and its very easy to change the 3D assets to any theme you prefer
Documentation: All documentation is included in order for you to change environment, character, ads etc
3 Modes: The game has 3 different modes to play in.
The project works well with Unity 5 versions