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Balls Invasion is a 2D shooter arcade game with progressive difficulty, where you play as a little cube that must stand against the angry balls army, with the help of his gun.


The player can move right and left and fire using UI buttons on mobile, or keyboard keys on standalone.

The player has 5 HP displayed at the up left corner, and when he destroys a ball he gets XP (same amount from all the balls types) and a gold reward (different amount depending on the ball destroyed).

When the player has enough XP, he gets a level up and he can use the collected gold displayed at the up left corner right under the health bar, to buy improvement points for his bullets (speed of the bullets) and his gun (firing speed), or recover HP.

The player’s HP drops down by one point every time he collides with a ball.

When losing all HP or when a ball manages to cross the limit line, the game is over.

There are 5 types of balls:

  • Basic ball: can be destroyed with 3 hits.
  • Basic ball with a shield: you have to destroy the shield first with 2 hits.
  • Armored ball:  you have to destroy the armor first with 3 hits.
  • Speed ball: can be destroyed with one hit (this ball is so fast).
  • Witch ball: this ball can be destroyed with one hit but not after it loses its immortality.
  • Optimized for mobile and standalone.
  • 100% commented and clean C# scripts, that you can easily customize if you want.
  • Detailed documentation and reskin guild with pictures.
  • AdMob interstitial implemented (official Google plugin).
  • Free to use sound effects.
  • Score sharing button (Android and iOS).
  • Mute sound button.
  • Pause button.
  • Vector graphics file containing raw sprites.

Documentation provides an easy step by step tutorial with pictures on how to reskin the game.  (The game can be reskined in less than 30 min). You can also easily change game parameters from the editor.


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  • do i need to reskin or is it ready to publish on play store?Dec 20 2017 9:14 PM

    There is no need to reskin if you don't want to.It is ready to publish.Dec 20 2017 9:47 PM

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