Baseball Bat Weapon 02 Low Poly 3D Model

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Baseball Bat Weapon 02

Very Detailed Baseball Bat Weapon modded with a Circular Saw Blade in the top of it, The Bat is textured with a Scratched Dark Wood look, and the saw blade with a scratched metal. The Model is Low Poly, and perfect for game environments, such as FPS, MMO, Survival, etc.

The Blade is separated so that you can animate it with spinning etc.

Model is unwrapped, and UV Mapped using Photoshop. 
Diffuse, Specular, Normal Maps.

Baseball Bat - 2048x2048 Texture Maps TGA/PNG/JPG 
Saw Blade - 2048x2048 Texture Maps TGA/PNG/JPG

Low Poly Triangles

3108 Polys 
1595 Verts

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