Heavy Motorcycle with Sidecar Low Poly 3D Model

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Heavy Motorcycle and a Heavy Motorcycle with Sidecar low poly 3D models.

Diffuse textures are in 5 colors: black, green, red, sand, blue.

Motorcycle without Sidecar:

  • 2340 polys
  • 4270 tris
  • 2349 verts

Motorcycle with Sidecar:

  • 3129 polys
  • 5714 tris
  • 3182 verts

Textures are 1024×1024 diffuse, specular, normal bump, bump, emission, alpha PNG and TGA file formats.

Sketchfab preview: https://sketchfab.com/models/291fbf53b6f7439aa416697c24649196

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