Universal 2D / 2.5D / 3D Low Poly Islands Pack

With Universal 2D / 2.5D / 3D Islands Pack, you can create a beautiful flat or low poly islands into your 2D and 3D games. This pack is also suitable for 2.5D games and it is based on mobile game Vegetables Sharks. All models (46) are in FBX format and they use the standard shader. This allows you to easily create many islands in different colors or variations according to your wishes. You get these two packages:

Whole FBX pack contains:

    2x Cloud (big - small)
    2x Cloud-twocolor (big - small)
    2x Cloud-basic (big - small)
    2x Cloud-basic-twocolor (big - small)

    3x Hill (big - medium - small)

    2x Island-plate-halfoval (normal - small)
    2x Island-plate-oval (normal - small)

    2x Island-circle (normal - small)
    2x Island-oval (normal - small)

    3x Mountain (split - triangle - volcano)

    3x OvalTree (big - mid - small)

    3x Palm (big - mid - small)
    3x Palm-stroke (big - mid - small)

     3x Rock (big)
     3x Rock (small)

     1x Sea-flat (5 different shapes)
     1x Sea-cubes ( 5 different shapes)
     1x Sea-triangles (5 different shapes)

     3x Tree (big - mid - small)
     3x Tree-stock (big - mid - small)

Whole Unity pack contains:

     The same models as above

     4x Small Islands
     4x Big Islands
     3x Sea blocks
     1x Volcano

     1x Lava-particle-system

     Bonus: The package includes a water blocks, that you can use as static or animated with 5 different waveforms!

Enjoy this assets pack and do not forget visit www.petersekera.eu

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