Low Poly Creepy House


Creepy House3D model

Low Poly Creepy House modelled in 3ds Max 14. 
Suitable for games, mods or any real time applications. 
The asset is detailed enough to allow close up shots. 
This asset is optimized and hand tweaked. 
The texture is hand-painted using wacom tablet. 
Total count triangles : 5664 triangles.

Texture resolution : 
- Creepy House 2048*2048 png

Features : 
- Clean mesh with no co-planar faces or isolated vertices ; 
- No corrections or cleaning up needed ; 
- Fully textured ; 
- Correctly named in English ; 
- Pivot at 0, 0, 0 at bottom center of object ; 
- Unity file have tweaked prefab.
- Fbx file ready to drag and drop to any game engines.

Available formats:

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