Future Urban Mercenary Character Sprites

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The urban mercenary serves perfect as enemy character in your game. He has various animations including up, down and straight shoot, bazooka shoot, grenade throwing, crouching, 4 different death animations, usefull platformer animations such as push & pull (e.g a crate box), walking, running and saluting like a soldier. 


The mercanary can also be placed as a soldier, security guard and similar in your game. He is also suitable for being the NPC or even the main hero!

List of Animations

  1. aim 45 down shoot
  2. aim 45 down
  3. aim 45 up
  4. aim 45 up shoot
  5. aim straight
  6. bazooka shoot
  7. cover hide
  8. cover idle
  9. cover unhide
  10. crouch aim
  11. crouch death
  12. crouch hurt
  13. crouch idle
  14. crouch move
  15. crouch shoot
  16. death a
  17. death b
  18. death c
  19. dizzy
  20. enemy spotted
  21. forward roll
  22. hurt a
  23. hurt b
  24. idle a
  25. idle b
  26. knockback
  27. last stand
  28. pull
  29. push
  30. reload
  31. roll loop
  32. run
  33. run shoot
  34. salute
  35. salute idle
  36. shoot
  37. slide
  38. slide wall
  39. throw grenade
  40. walk
  41. walk aim
  42. walk shoot
Features and Requirements


  • unique design and character
  • smooth, fluent 40+ animations
  • amazing quality fx (muzzle flash, smoke trail & explosion)
  • 100% vector
  • exported animations as png sequence and spritesheets
  • source files included for editing and modifying
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