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1010 – Hexagon And Square Block Puzzle Game

1010! Hexa And Square Block Puzzle Game
Complete project/Templates
A new incredible classic hexagon 2016 for brainstorm puzzle games family.
The logical problems inside this brain teaser will engage yourself into the unlimited block game.
Wanna give it a try? Want to give your sharp mind a detour into the super square hexagon deluxe to see how that goes?

Then you are in the right place

Including :

1) Google Ads.

2) Google Analytic.

3) Chartboost Video Ads

4) Google Leaderboard.





GamePlay :

The Gameplay board is consist of 10X10 grid where youll be able to place random block to
complete the objective. The game contains total 19 different shapes and you can create your own shapes of
block If you want.

Game Modes :

1)Square Mode : You can select 6 Different patterns in squre mode.
2)Hexagon Mode : You can select 6 Different patterns in hexa mode.

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